Project Life® Tuesday!


Happy Project Life® Tuesday!

Here are my page shares for today!


Kept is super simple since I’m playing catch-up a bit since our move, but once again – love how clean and easy these pages were to come together. DESIGN A page protectors and cards from the Kiwi edition and We R Memory keepers.









Photo template from my friend, Tracy Larsen. You can find them HERE.


I wanted to also mention that until today at 7PM EST – Becky’s online shop is all 30% off so if you’ve been thinking about starting Project Life in 2015, now is the time to go and grab ya some Project Life goodies! You can find her website HERE!


Hope you all have a blessed day! XOXO!



December OHDEERME Kit Reveal

Hello sweet blog friends! It’s a new month so you know what that means – another new OHDEERME embellishment kit has been revealed by Freckled Fawn! Yay! This December kit is SO cute!! Here’s what’s in it:








1525739_871689182875587_8442606405885559962_n  1426649_871689272875578_3565346027217831945_n


I’ve got my kit out on my desk and have been playing with it! Looking forward to sharing some things I’ve made with it soon! To see how you can go about signing up and getting this awesome embellishment kit in your mail box every month and see more details about it – check it out HERE.

Have a great day! XOXO!

Thankfulness & blessings


With today being the last day of November and a month where I spent every day writing down what I am grateful for, I knew I couldn’t let this month go by without talking about this wonderful oil journey that my family and I have been on this year.

This past Summer I wrote a blog post about how my family and I got started on the essential oil journey and how it was blessing us. You can find that post HERE.

Since the day that I said yes to trying the oils, the blessings have kept flowing and the new ways these oils have helped my family and I have been plentiful.

My family and I have been using and loving Young Living oils for about a year and a half now. Not only have they helped us take a more natural approach when treating our everyday ailments (allergies, sleep issues, headaches, belly troubles, etc) I’ve also been able to contribute to our family’s budget, which has been wonderful.

Also, the friendships. Ah, the friendships. The wonderful, kind, sweet and awesome people I have met and continue to meet while being a part of the Lemon Droppers is just amazing. Those friendships have blessed me so much.

Just in case you’re wondering what a Lemon Dropper is – it’s a team of independent distributors that I am a part of and it is a team full of so many amazing, supportive, and encouraging women (and some guys, too)!  We’re blessed with great leadership and so many awesome educational materials and resources. Every day I’m learning something new and every day I am loving this “job” more and more. It’s exciting to set new goals and dream bigger dreams for me and my family. All because of this wonderful journey God placed me on. All because I said yes to something new. The opportunity to share something I am passionate about and financially contribute to my family at the same time, all the while staying home with my children is something I am truly grateful for.

I always just say that I “fell” into the oil business because it really felt like that at the beginning, but as the days have gone by it’s evident to me that it was all God’s plan from the beginning and God’s hand has been on this the whole time. I simply said, “Yes.”

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences to see these oils work in other people’s lives as well and see these oils bless them and their families in the ways that they have blessed my family. I love being a small part of their journey, too.

I’m also so thankful that Young Living is a company that truly and sincerely cares about their customers and their distributors. I’ve seen it first hand  on numerous occasions. I’m also thankful that they are generous not only in the community, but they provide a wonderful compensation plan and offer perks like all-expense paid leadership trips. Another wonderful blessing that I am looking forward to experiencing next year.

I am especially thankful to everyone who has inquired about the oils, purchased the oils from me and told their family and friends about the oils as well. I’m so thankful that YOU are a part of it, too. This year would not be the success it has been without you saying, “yes,” too. :)

Yes, the blessings from this sweet oil journey that I’ve been on have been overflowing this year and my heart is so full of thankfulness. All I had to do was say, “Yes.”


30 Days of Gratitude: Day 30


For the last couple of years I’ve done a “30 Days of Gratitude” during the month of November and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m doing it again this year and I would love it if you would join me. :)

Answer this question: What if you woke up today and all you had in your life was what you thanked God for yesterday? What would your life look like?

Isn’t that a pretty profound question? Makes you think! So the entire month of November, take a bit of time to either blog, write down or even just thank God in prayer for the things that bless your life every day. It’s important.

Here’s what I’m grateful for today in no particular order:

  • My bestie, Nichole
  • Apple products (they are so cool)
  • The heat in my car
  • Milkshakes from Steak-n-shake
  • Di-Gize
  • All of my sweet blog readers (thank YOU)

What are YOU thankful for today?

I hope you all enjoyed this little month of gratitude and that you also kept note of what you are thankful for every day. It’s a good habit to have not just every day in November, but every day period.

Have a blessed day! XOXO!

Spotlight: Lu & Ed

LuandEd_FinalLogo_FullHi there! Happy Saturday! I’m so excited to share this super cute shop with you guys! It’s called Lu & Ed and it’s full of the cutest, Mon-stors (as they’re called) that you’ve ever seen. I mean seriously, even the logo is adorable! Ack! Cody, the master Mon-stor maker, is a Mama who started her business back in 2009 when she had the idea to design a monster that “ate” toys as a storage solution for her son because they needed more space. Now she makes hundreds of Mon-stors a year and they are so adorable.

The coolest thing is that all Mon-stors are eco friendly and created using fabric scraps that Cody picks up at discount stores, thrift stores or that she creates using donated clothing and fabric. Each Mon-stor is given the cutest name and has a fun personality all its own.

I purchased a pink Mon-stor from the shop to keep me company in my studio (it was just too cute not to have around) and Cody was sweet enough to send me a few more so that I could give Caylin, Jack and Luke one. They kids LOVE them, just like I knew they would. Caylin and Jack are actually sleeping with their Mon-stors now every night and Luke, well Luke likes to squeeze and drool on his a lot. He giggles at it – it’s the cutest thing!




Come on – how can you NOT smile when you see these? These cute Mon-stors are definitely a hit with the kids! I know we’ll be adding more to our family soon! How cute would these be stuffed in the kids’ stockings? What a cute gift for a baby shower or birthday, too! Oh, and I need to mention that these guys are SO durable, too! Jack is super rough with his toys and stuffed animals and so I’m glad that his little guy will be able to withstand how hard he plays with him. LOVE that!

I also just love how one-of-a-kind these stuffed Mon-stors are. You just don’t get this kind of personality, uniqueness and love handmade into toys nowadays, ya know?

Lu & Ed is going to have a handful of new Mon-stors in the shop on Monday, December 1st and they are all going to be 30% off! Yep, you read that right! Lu & Ed is participating in a flash sale that day along with 50 other handmade shops and they are going to be offering 30% off. So, be sure to head to the website, bookmark it and check it out and try to snag yourself up a Mon-stor or two! You can sign up HERE to be one of the first to know when the mon-stors are up in the shop! Your kids will love them and you’ll be supporting a super sweet, creative Mama and help her save the world – one monster at a time. How could you NOT want to be a part of that? ;)

Happy Mon-stor shopping!!! XOXO!