Project Life® Tuesday


Happy Project Life® Tuesday!

I hope you all are having a great week so far! Here are the pages I’m sharing today! Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to answer them!

bothHere’s a shot of both sides. DESIGN A page protectors (my go-to) and I used cards from the Kiwi, Strawberry, Seafoam, Kraft, Dear Lizzy and Plus One kits. I also used a 4×6 card (the hearts on the right side- bottom left) from We R Memory Keepers.


A solo shot of the left side. :)


Here’s a little close up for ya! People always ask so the pens I use are the black fine tip Sharpie marker and also the black Sharpie pens. My absolute FAVORITES. :)


The Project Life® date stamp is of course used a lot throughout as well. :) And just like most every week since I bought it – I use the tiny attacher from Tim Holtz. That little staple it puts out is just the cutest and perfect for Project Life®.


Close up of one of the 4×6 cards with a photo and journaling. I love using 4×6 cards, printing out 2×2 photos and then including some journaling. PERFECT.


Here’s the right side shot.


I included “Luke’s Currently” list in this week’s spread. Love to get those in there every year. If you remember – I posted that on my blog a few weeks back. It’s great to take lists or journaling or stories – whatever from your blog and include them in the pages of your album!


Close up. That little tongue. Sigh. ;)


Another close up. :)

There you have it! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a beautiful day today and it’s not too hot where you are! We’ve got a nice cool down coming here and I’m SO excited to get out there and not feel that awful heat and humidity! Yay!

Make it a good one! XO!

Your Santa Movie

santa movie

My sweet friend, Lesley Grainger, recently emailed to tell me about a super cute and fun project that her and her husband were working on! I’m happy to say that the project is now ALMOST complete, but needs your help! That’s why they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to get the rest of the funds needed to complete their project.

Here’s a bit about their project, “Your Santa Movie” – It is a 30 minute interactive movie custom made for your child that includes Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Henry the Elf as they sing songs, read stories, tell jokes and make crafts while addressing your child by their own name throughout the movie.

So cute and fun! You can check out their kickstarter campaign HERE and you can see what their project is about and how it’s so much better than you average Santa Claus video. If you are able to, I know Lesley and her husband would love for you to help support their project by donating what you can. They have a little over 3 weeks to raise $4,400. Spread the word!

Thanks so much, friends! XO!

Luke @ 11 months

LUKE-11mths(monthly onesie sticker from HERE and photo template from HERE)

Yes, I’m in bit of denial, but Luke is officially 11 months old now. How did THAT happen?! He’ll be 1-year-old in less than a month. Whoa.

Anyway, I better not keep thinking about my last baby turning a year old soon and just get right to what he’s been up to this month. Sigh.

  • Weighs ?? and is ?? inches long (I SO gotta remember to do that this week!)
  • Is walking across rooms now, but not quite walking officially. ANY DAY NOW.
  • When you ask him “Who is Mama?” or “Who is Dada?” or “Who is Caylin or Jack” he will point to you. It’s sweet.
  • In size 3 diapers still, but running out of room. ;)
  • Taking 2 good naps a day again and sleeping well at night.
  • Loves to pinch! Ouch!
  • Has these little curls at the base of his neck. Sigh.
  • Still has the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen in my life
  • Throws everything
  • Likes to “play” ball
  • Almost too big for his car seat
  • Sits in his stroller like a big boy now
  • FINALLY said Mama really good – July 9th
  • Gets super excited and makes the cutest “SO EXCITED face (his eyes get big and wide and he opens his mouth REALLY big)
  • Is still loved. A WHOLE BUNCH. ;)

Have a great day, friends! Make it a good one!

Lists with Friends: Week 25

Hi y’all!

I know that I missed last week’s “List with Friends” and honestly this week’s was looking a bit iffy until I decided to write a list of reasons why I’m going to miss these lists on and off throughout this year. Ha! I’m a genius, aren’t I?

Here it is!

  • Summertime is a BUSY time.
  • I’m working on the yearbook for our homeschool group right now and wanting to get it finished up.
  • I’m reading “Hands Free Mama” and trying to spend WAY less time on the computer.
  • When the weather is nice and it’s not TOO hot – we’re outside. Trying to do more of that, but this heat and humidity we’ve been having lately is killing me. Ugh. Come on Fall.
  • I usually have NO idea what to write a list about, but I like the challenge and it’s great to spark some story-telling oh, and I do love a good list.
  • Mondays are my “catch-up” days from the weekend so if I don’t post – it’s usually because I’m doing lots of catching up! ;)
  • I’m probably boring you all with these lists and so doing them EVERY Monday on my blog would just be too harsh. I love you all, way too much to do that to you. Ha!

Ok, there you have it! A list of just SOME of the reasons why I skip a Monday here or there and don’t do a “List with Friends.” This blog post had two purposes – 1) to actually get a list DONE and 2) to tell you why sometimes I don’t get one done.

Gotta love that! ;)

Happy Monday! Make it a good one, friends!


Right Now Challenge: Week 28



Happy Friday, friends! Here’s Week 28!

  • Caylin puts her princess crown on right when she wakes up. I think she’d sleep with it on if she could. ;)
  • Luke said “Mama” FINALLY! It was July 9th – just for the record. He actually has said it before when he wants me to get him out of baby jail a time or two, but THIS time he was saying it just to say it and I LOVE it. Sigh.
  • Jack squeezed my neck and said, “Mama, I really love you lots.” :)
  • Caylin and I are reading her American Girl “Saige” book every night. I just love reading chapter books with her. We’re also reading her devotional and it’s so sweet hearing her read the prayer at the end of every passage.

That’s it for today’s Right Now Challenge recap! Hope you have a great Friday and weekend ahead!