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    Week in the Life 2017: Completed Album

    Hi friends!

    I finally finished my Week in the Life album and after taking a bajillion photos of it (I always hate that part, ha!) I’m ready to share it all with you! So be warned – there is major photo overload that is about to happen! I clearly need to invest in a tripod to hold my camera or phone or something to just video myself flipping through it! NEXT time I’ll do that! Ha!

    I wanted to keep all of my embellishing pretty simple. I did do this simply embellishment on the inside bottom of the cover. You’ll see those yellow hearts pop up from time to time throughout my album. I love hearts, I love yellow and my sweet friend, Jen, sent those to me.

    For the first page, in years’ past I’ve done a photo for this page, but this year since we moved and things have been crazy, I did a simple card adhered to white cardstock. I simply used the digital kit, put my journaling on it and then printed it out and adhered it. Slipped it on in and that was that. Just a simple message for the first page and I love it.

    I followed the same format throughout every day of the week – I included a 6×8 photo for the first page of the day (of course the plastic day of the week divider went before it).

    Then on the back of that photo, I simply printed out the journaling for the entire day (so thankful that I posted it all on my Instagram and blog so I could easily copy + paste it all into a document). I put the wooden day of the week at the top and slipped it in.

    I did just like Ali and slipped the transparent abbreviated day of the week in the top 4×6 slot. Then started with a simple 4×6 photo below it – embellishing simply, of course.

    As you can see (and I won’t comment on EVERY picture in this post), I just pulled out the embellishments from the kit and used them here and there on the cards and photographs throughout the album.

    I did have some extra photos on some days and so I did what I’ve done in years’ past and that is just print them out, adhere them back to back, punch holes in them, stick them in the album and then use the avery tabs so they’re easy to grab and a bit set apart from the other pages.

    I wanted this top extra photo printed out a bit larger (for a bit of depth) and so I printed it out 5×7 and did the same thing that I did with the other photos, only I needed to punch out three circles on the top and bottom to get it to fit perfectly into the middle of the album. I also added one of Ali’s digital stamps to the photo as well, before printing.

    On the back of the large photo, I simply adhered this 3×4 card from Gossamer Blue. Love it and it was just so simple.


    For this large photo. I cut a bit off of one of the 3×4 cards and simply stapled it to the top.

    The “remember” on this photo is a die cut that I cut out using one of Ali’s die cuts.

    I wanted to make the photos that we took every night in Caylin’s room set apart from the rest of the photos and so I included them on the last page of the album. I simply used the page protector with all of the 2×2 slots, printed the photos out 2×2 (all, but the last one), slipped the numbers that came in the kit into slots (stapled them) and then next to it I slipped in the photo that corresponded to that day. I love how it turned out and I love seeing all of the photos we took together on one page. :)

    I ran out of space for the very last photo, so I decided to print it larger, punch holes in it and include it as the last thing in the album (excuse the horrible lighting).

    Then the very last thing in the album is this simply chipboard that I adhered directly onto the middle of the inside of the back of the album. It’s from Freckled Fawn and I think it summed my week up perfectly.

    So there you go, friends. Another Week in the Life done and another Week in the Life that I’m so thankful that I captured. Y’all this project is truly one of my favorites to do and look back on. Feeling super thankful for the memories in this book.

    Hope y’all have a great day! I’m just about done with my Day in the Life pages and will share those later this week, too! Yay! Getting back at it and it feeeeeeellllllssss goooooooooood! ;)


    You can find out more information about Week in the Life HERE on Ali’s website. You can also see my previous Week in the Life albums if you look on my right sidebar.