Today is the first Tuesday of the month, so you know what that means – Type 1 Tuesday!

I just wanted to quickly share this super neat idea and website with you all that I found. It’s called TempAlertID.com and they sell medic alert temporary tattoos. The founder of the company saw a need when their son was 2 and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Their son was your average 2-year-old and would not keep a medical ID bracelet, silicone band or shoe tag on so they developed the temporary tattoos for him to wear. They have now expanded to offer temporary tattoos for epilepsy and peanut allergies as well.

Once again, I love how a family saw a need and not only helped their own child, but provided a service to help other children (and people in general) as well. Such a cool thing.

Check out their website HERE and their Facebook page HERE.

This drawing



Caylin drew this smiley face on the bathtub a couple of nights before she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. I can still see her in the bubbles, having fun, but not feeling that great. I have to admit that it took awhile before I could erase it. Every time I’d clean the tub I’d clean around it and couldn’t help but get teary-eyed. Life CAN change in an instant, but the thing about life is that you have to continue to remember those blessings you have to keep moving forward because life won’t wait for you.

Once I got up the courage to erase it, I made sure to snap this picture of it. It’s not the greatest photograph because of the lighting, but it’s an important reminder about life and those blessings that fill it. Yes, Caylin now had Type 1 Diabetes, but she was still here and alive and OK and she could still draw smiley’s whenever she wanted.

I found great comfort in that and so I took one last look at it on our tub, smiled big, shed a tear, said a prayer and wiped it off. It was OK.

She has drawn plenty of smiley faces since then and I know she always will. For THAT I am thankful. That makes ME smile. ♥

Rylee’s Pocket


Today I wanted to talk about a super cool company called, Rylee’s Pocket.


I just love how families take a hard situation and then turn it into something positive, not only for THEIR loved one(s), but for others going through the same hardships. That’s what Corrie Stark did when her sweet daughter, Rylee, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes  March 2011.

Rylee had just started using an insulin pump and her Mom knew that with all of the ongoing changed that she was having to endure, that she wanted to come up with a way to make the pump as comfortable and as fashionable for her daughter as she could.  That’s when Rylee’s Pocket was born.


Rylee’s Pocket offers cute, fun, fashionable tank tops that are functional and can keep the pump close and safe to a person’s body. The tanks allow them the ability to still run, jump, cartwheel and ride bikes with their pump. That was definitely a necessity for a 7-year-old. ;)

These fun and functional tank tops have a pocket with a zipper and a hole in the back so as to hold all the tubing in one easy to access place on the body.

Ten percent of all of their proceeds from the sales of the tank tops go back to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

I just want to say that I am SUPER proud of Corrie, Rylee and her family! I just love how they’ve turned this difficult diagnosis into something positive that helps others, too. That’s what it’s all about.

Check out Rylee’s Pocket HERE and their Facebook page HERE.

Have a blessed day! :)



It’s time for Type 1 Tuesday! Just a little post I do now the first Tuesday of every month that shares some information or tid bits about Type 1 Diabetes.

Today I wanted to share this super cute shirt that I found:


It made me giggle! I love it when people come up with silly things to lighten up a sometimes hard situation. This would be perfect for the diabetic Star Wars lover in your family. Caylin actually loves “Star Wars” and thought this shirt was too cool! ;)

You can find it HERE. Have a blessed day and may the force be with you! ;)

Bands 4 Life


Happy Type 1 Tuesday to you!

Type 1 Tuesday is a monthly blog post the first Tuesday of every month that is dedicated to discussing something related to Type 1 Diabetes. You can check out more Type 1 Tuesday posts HERE.

Today I am spotlighting a wonderful company started by a wonderful family who themselves have been touched my Type 1 Diabetes.


Bands 4 Life is a company that sells stylish, comfortable and affordable insulin pump arm, stomach and thigh bands for kids and adults. The company was started when their son, Jack, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4 the Nevill’s wanted their son to know that in spite of his diabetes, his life will be filled with activity, fun, freedom and good health. The put their son on the insulin pump in March of 2010, but Jack is a very active boy and they quickly realized that the pod sometimes would jar loose after a full day of activity when he was wearing it on his arm (the spot he liked best). They needed a solution so they began to sew colorful arm bands in all different patterns for Jack to wear over his pod to secure it in place. They worked!  Jack no longer had to worry about the pod coming loose. He had a new sense of freedom in not having to think or worry about his insulin pump during the day. That easily,  Bands 4 Life was formed! 

How cool is that? I love how a family did something to help their child and then started a business to help other children and adults even! Awesome! :)

You can see the cool arm, stomach and thigh bands HERE on the Bands 4 Life website. The company also has an assortment of medical alert bracelets as well.

Another super cool thing about Bands 4 Life – a portion of all of the profits they make go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation to assist all efforts in finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

We have a super cool deal for all of my readers, too – use the code BANDS15 to get 15% off the purchase of any band!

Check out Bands 4 Life on Facebook HERE and be sure to go and browse their website HERE!

Thanks so much Jen for all that you do to make living with Type 1 Diabetes a little easier! Hugs! ;)