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Type 1 Tuesday

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    Today is the first Tuesday of the month, so you know what that means – Type 1 Tuesday!

    I just wanted to quickly share this super neat idea and website with you all that I found. It’s called and they sell medic alert temporary tattoos. The founder of the company saw a need when their son was 2 and diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Their son was your average 2-year-old and would not keep a medical ID bracelet, silicone band or shoe tag on so they developed the temporary tattoos for him to wear. They have now expanded to offer temporary tattoos for epilepsy and peanut allergies as well.

    Once again, I love how a family saw a need and not only helped their own child, but provided a service to help other children (and people in general) as well. Such a cool thing.

    Check out their website HERE and their Facebook page HERE.