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Hello friends!

Happy Thursday to you! I’m popping in today to share some happy news!

My sweet friends over at Lawn Fawn sent me some goodies to play with and spotlighted a few things that I created yesterday on their blog. You can see the whole thing HERE. It was so much fun! I have been a long-time fan of Kelly and Lawn Fawn and am SO happy how much Lawn Fawn has grown and blossomed. Their products are top-notch and Kelly’s sweetness is unmatched. I love to be a cheerleader for them because they are great people with a great company and I love that!

Here are a couple of cards that I created and don’t forget, you can see more over on their blog HERE.





Lawn Fawn products are SO fun to use! They are super cute, too! Oh, and they are perfect for Project Life® so be sure you head on over to their blog to see what I mean. ;)

You can find Lawn Fawn HERE on the web, HERE on Facebook, HERE on Twitter and HERE on YouTube. I am officially addicted to watching all of the super cute cards that they make on their YouTube channel! Ha!

Thanks so much! Hope a great Thursday! I’ll be back tomorrow with my Right Now Challenge for the week!


Spotlight: Curly Q Bowtique

 CaptureIf you follow me on Facebook you might have seen where I’m trying to keep track of just who my son, Jack thinks he is every day. First he was Batman and requested, “Batman french toast sticks” and “Batman ice water” for breakfast. The next day he was Spiderman. Then he was Raphael the Ninja Turtle and then finally at the end of the week he proclaimed that he was Flash Gordon. The kid loves to pretend and he loves superheroes, especially. It’s super cute. It’s funny because it’s so hard to keep track of who he is pretending to be at any given time and if you call him Jack or the wrong superhero, he will quickly correct you, politely of course. ;)

So when I saw the super cute superhero costumes that THIS Etsy had for sale in their shop a couple of months ago I just KNEW Jack would freak out about the awesome costumes that Marlis makes by hand.

I contacted Marlis and told her about my son’s love for any and all thing superheros (especially Ninja Turtles) and Marlis sweetly sent me a couple of costumes to review.

To say I was excited is an understatement. I mean – I just could NOT wait to see Jack’s face when I showed him these costumes. Marlis sent me the Batman costume and the Raphael Ninja Turtle costume.

I just wanted to give Jack one costume at a time because I knew he’d be SUPER excited and thought I’d give him Batman first and then wait about a week and then give him the other one – so that’s what I did. Just like I thought he squealed with excitement when I pulled out the Batman costume. ;)

The costume came with a super cute Batman cape, black mask, yellow Batman belt and two Batman wristbands. Jack LOVED it! Needless to say the kid did not take off the costume the rest of the day and then proceeded to put it on for the rest of the week. He even wanted to sleep in it! Ha! Oh, and when we went to Whole Foods he insisted on wearing it and the folks in the checkout line LOVED it. He carefully explained to them what each piece of the costume was and how he was Batman. It was so cute!

Here’s Jack enjoying the Batman costume:


Then a week later I pulled out the Raphael Ninja Turtle costume and that was a BIG hit, too! He immediately took off the Batman costume (sorry Batman) and asked for help putting all of this costume on. Currently Raphael is his favorite Ninja Turtle so he was a bit excited. ;)

This costume came with a super cute mask, wrist bands, ninja belt and turtle shell.


Both costumes were handmade with felt that looked and felt like a really high-quality felt. The stitching was great and I just loved the little pieces that each costume came with. How cute would these be for Halloween? Totally cute!

Jack wore both costumes A LOT. I mean – he lived in them, basically, going from one to the other. I think I can put these costumes on him in my sleep! Ha! The felt did get a lot of wear and I noticed that the felt had some pilling (felt balls on the surface of the fabric) since he wore them so much, but that is to be expected. Each costume had such great detail and was very durable!

I just love handmade things! I can tell that Marlis put a lot of time and love into these costumes.  You can check out her shop HERE.

She has a wide variety of goodies in her shop and you can purchase the masks, capes, wrist bands and belts separately OR you can buy complete costumes and the pricing is great!

Definitely another great shop to check out and one that I wanted to share with my awesome readers! She’s working hard on Halloween orders right now, but definitely bookmark her shop and check back! She has a great variety of fun, felt costumes for boys and even girls! SO fun!

Have a great day and thanks again to Marlis for the super cute costumes! I think these will definitely be passed down to Luke! ;)

  • Curly Q Bowtique is a sponsor of One Happy Mama and sent me these two costumes for my son to enjoy and for me to review. No other compensation was given and all thoughts and opinions of these goodies are my own. The little superhero in your family definitely needs one of these. :)

Spotlight: Lucy Darling


When Caylin was born – I knew that I wanted to take her picture every month to document her growth. Back then I didn’t even know that these super cute monthly onesie stickers existed. Right before Jack was born, I was browsing Etsy and spotted some cute ones and made sure to purchase them so that I could take his monthly photos with the cute little stickers. Well, this go-around I knew I wanted to do the same thing, but after browsing around a bit I wasn’t finding what I was looking for. I really wanted some CUTE monthly onesie stickers. A lot of the ones I was seeing online were a bit cheesy, too cutesy and just not my style now.

I kept searching and then let out a big ol’ sigh of relief when I found the shop, Lucy Darling. I’m serious. I saw Haily’s sweet shop and all of the super cute onesie stickers that she carried and was SO thankful that I found a shop that carried SO many cute stickers that I actually liked. I was thinking I might have to create my own, but really didn’t want to.

These are the super cute monthly onesie stickers that I got:



I just loved the bold color combinations and the super cute font as well. I thought they’d be perfect to put on Luke’s little white onesies each month. ;)

Haily’s shop has SO many cute things. Not only does she offer monthly onesie stickers (that actually even go to 24 months if you’d like), but she offers Milestone Stickers, Newborn Stickers, Holiday Stickers, Pregnancy Belly Stickers and even alphabet cards and some nursery decor.

All of the baby stickers are designed and printed right here in the good ol’ USA, too. Gotta love that! :)

They were packaged up great so they were protected and not bent during shipment. The print quality of the stickers was awesome as well! I would definitely recommend Lucy Darling!

So if you’re looking for some super cute stickers to take those monthly photos of your baby and stick in your Project Life® that I know you’re doing, LOL, or even for a super cute baby shower gift for someone expecting, you NEED to check these out. Seriously. SUPER cute – no doubt.

And if you needed more proof, I will leave you with this:



‘Nuff said. ;)

  • Lucy Darling is a sponsor of One Happy Mama and kindly sent me some onesie monthly stickers to review. No other compensation was given. All thoughts and opinions regarding this product are my own. They are super cute and definitely worth checking out. :)


Easy Canvas Prints Review & Giveaway

photo canvas prints
Hello sweet blog readers!

If you’re like me – you take A LOT of photographs. Yep, like A LOT. I love to take pictures – always have – and there’s nothing that I love more than actually printing my photos out and hanging them in our home. One of my favorite ways to do that is to get them made into a canvas. Now I realize you can’t make EVERY photograph a canvas, but you sure can try! Ha! ;) I have multiple canvases around my house and there’s just something about them that makes me so happy – I’m pretty sure it’s what’s captured in the photograph, but it’s like a piece of art taken to another level when you make it into a canvas.

A couple weeks ago I got super excited when I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints to try out their canvases! I ordered two 16×10 canvases and was super excited to receive them!

The ordering process was super easy and simple. I honestly think it took me less than 5 minutes to order the canvases – the most time consuming part of it all was all on own my end – trying to decide which pictures to use for the canvases! ;)

Once I had the two pictures chosen and ready to go it was a breeze and I loved that about their website! It walks you step-by-step through the process and there is even a preview feature that allows you to see what your canvas will look like once finished, which is a total plus in my book because I’m always worried that I’ll mess up a canvas or some of the picture will hang off, etc. A cool feature is that you can even upload pictures from not only your computer, but from Facebook or Instagram, too! How neat is that?!

So I waited patiently for my canvases and just got them the other day. I LOVE them. Seriously LOVE them!


I just love this photo of my daughter. It’s a favorite of mine and I love how light and airy the canvas is – there’s a beautiful sun glare in the photo and I was worried about how it would translate onto a canvas, but it worked beautifully! The photo doesn’t do it justice – it’s light and sweet and that sun glare. Ahhhh. Love my sweet daughter. :)


This is another favorite photo. Jack picking up some sticks and rocks at a family photo session we had last year. I’ve been wanting to get this made into a canvas and so happy that is is now! Boy has he grown up so fast!

The quality of the canvases are really great – strong and sturdy – and they were both packaged meticulously which I am appreciative of. I’m always so worried that when I order a canvas that it’ll get ripped or messed up during shipping. They were both snug and secure in their boxes. Shipping was relatively quick as well, even with the Fourth of July holiday in the middle of it all. I loved how true to color the canvases were as well!

I would definitely recommend purchasing your canvas prints from Easy Canvas Prints. They’re not kidding when they say, “Easy Canvas Prints.” The whole process was super easy and better yet – the canvases turned out beautifully. Their prices are awesome – they always have deals and specials going on – and the customer service was great, too! Definitely check them out! Be sure that you’re not only TAKING photographs, but printing them out and hanging them in your home! There’s nothing like a cozy home full of memories on the walls and of course plenty of canvases here and there, too! ;)

Easy Canvas Prints also has a super sweet giveaway for one of my readers! You can enter to win an 8×10 canvas! Just enter using the Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Disclosure: Easy Canvas Prints gave me two 16×20 canvas prints in exchange for this review, as well as provided the giveaway item. All views and opinions in this review are my own. No other compensation was provided. To view my entire disclosure policy, click HERE.



Please welcome one happy mama’s newest sponsor – mochithings.com! I stumbled upon this super cute website a few months back and just loved the wide variety of super cute and unique goodies that they have and was so flattered when they wanted to sponsor my blog and host a little giveaway for my readers! I love sharing awesome websites with you! So sit back, grab a drink and check out these really adorable products from mochithings.


It’s so perfect for storing pens, pencils, you name it inside. It has a zipper enclosure and the middle part of the ribbon has a velcro enclosure. It’s made of a great material that’s easy to wipe off and it is really sturdy and did I mention super adorable? You could throw makeup in this, other little odds and ends and then stick it in your purse.




The mini notebook is so cute. It’s the perfect size to stick in your purse and take with you everywhere so that you can jot down those “right now” moments for your Project Life. The pens are great, too. I have a love for any and all pens – especially super cute ones like these. They write so nice, too!

  • The next product I wanted to show you is the owl memory notebook. It’s larger than the garden mini notebook, but still a great size to stick in your purse, backpack or diaper bag to jot down memories, appointments, ideas, etc. I just love owls (still) so I love the graphic on this notebook. Totally cute.


  • This is the m pocket case in ivory. You can put pencils in this, washi tape (as pictured below) or countless other things in this super cute case. It has a clear window so that you can see what’s in it and it’s durable and fun! Great size so it’s portable and just another one of those goodies that could help you do Project Life on the go, if you needed to (store your must have washi tape in there) or even just use in your studio/office/craft room to hold some of your favorite washi tape or goodies.




  • This is an adorable colorful instax mini frame in yellow. I have a thing for frames and this one is so little and sweet. I got it in yellow because I just love yellow. It’s such a happy color, isn’t it? They offer this frame in blue, orange, red and pink (although pink is sold out at the moment). The frame is made of a durable foam-like material and has a little foam stick that comes out of the back so it can stand up.



I know that the instax cameras are so popular right now and it would be super easy to stick your favorite one into one of these frames or get one of each color so you can display your favorites! What a sweet, cute gift to give someone, too! Mochithings also offers LOTS of really cute instax albums and film so if you have an instax camera – you definitely want to check it out! I actually don’t have one of those cameras (yet), so I just printed out a photo to fit my frame and that was that! It was easy, too! ;)

  • Meet the Mr. Babba multipurpose vinyl bag. Isn’t he cute? Ha! You could stick so many things in this super cute bag! You could store the memorabilia you collect that you want to add to your Project Life album, journaling cards, sticker sheets or like I did – you can put your must have tools in this bag and then you can have them on the go!


  • I am a big fan of to-do lists. I make them ALL of the time. There’s just something about making a list and checking things off that gives me a thrill! LOL! Although, I’m not a fan of my to-do lists NOT being crossed off or if it just keeps growing and growing. ;) I love this really cute and simple to do notebook. It’s got a “receipt” look to it and it contains 40 sheets. It is even made to stand up on your desk. :)


  • Another great product is this basic purse organizer v2 in mint. It’s so perfect to fill with items like notebooks, cell phone, pens, wallet, etc., in and then it can sit neatly in your purse, backpack or even diaper bag keeping everything all organized. I filled mine with a lot of the other mochithings goodies and also some must-have goodies for Project Life-ing like my corner rounder and my basic white journaling 3×4 cards. :)



  • And the last goodie I wanted to share with you is this large monthly planner. I love how big it is. This sucker is about 12 inches by 8.5 inches. I love how it’s got a kraft paper cover and how it’s very simple and customizable. It has 14 pages which lets you plan up to 13 months. planner


It’s another great tool that you could totally use when planning your Project Life pages or just scheduling and planning all that is going on in your life. Mochithings also offers this in a mini version which would be convenient to stick in your purse!

giveaway-details-graphicNow for another really cool thing – a GIVEAWAY! Yay! Mochithings has generously donated a little goodie pack for one of my very lucky readers!


 In this goodie prize pack you’ll win:

To enter, just use the Rafflecopter below! You’ve got a few different ways to earn entries, so good luck! I’ll pick a winner a week from today, June 24th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Be sure to check out mochithings online HERE and their Facebook page HERE. They also have a Pinterest board HERE that you can follow, too: There are TONS of other really cute and fun products that they offer!

Thanks so much to mochithings for the support and for the super sweet giveaway!

  • Disclaimer: MochiThings is a sponsor of one happy mama and did provide the above items for me to review, but all opinions of the products are solely my own. It is important to me to be very transparent and honest when it comes to product reviews and I would only recommend websites and products that I find of good quality and of course that are super cute. ;)