Right Now Challenge

Right Now Challenge: Week 42


Hello! Happy Friday, friends! Yes, it has still been a bit quiet around these parts, but I promise ya, I am missing my blog and am trying to get BACK on the blogging wagon stat! I’ve even slacked a bit when it comes to my Right Now Challenge jot downs. It’s sad. ;) Today is Jack’s 4th birthday and so I do have a few Read More »

Right Now Challenge: Week 39


Happy Friday, friends! Here’s Week 39! Luke thinks fake sneezes are hilarious and he cracks up when I let my tongue touch his head. ;) I told Jack Goodnight, and that I loved him and he said, “AMEN!” Jack: “Come and see my castle I made, Mama. It’s even more AWESOMER!” Ha! These kids of mine crack me up! LOVE jotting these down! ;) Have Read More »

Right Now Challenge : Week 37


It sure has been quiet around here, huh? Sorry about that friends! LOTS going on here and just haven’t had the time or energy to blog much, but hoping to get back on track soon! I’m even late with my Right Now Challenge for today. Whooops. Better late than never though! Gotta keep that streak going! ;) I’ve only got one thing for today, but Read More »