Right Now Challenge

Right Now Challenge: Week 44


Happy Friday (and Happy Halloween)! Here’s Week 44 of the Right Now Challenge! Yay! Caylin, “Thank you for pushing me out of your womb.” Um, you’re welcome? Ha! Jack: “Do snakes have heartbeats?” Me: “Yes.” Jack: “Do cheetahs have heartbeats?” Me: “Yes.” And that continued on for about 5 minutes as he listed a bunch of other animals. ;) We think Luke is going to Read More »

Right Now Challenge: Week 43


Caylin: “I can’t wait until I have a crush on a boy, Mama.” Uh oh. We’re in trouble! ;) Luke loves spaghetti and these gluten-free coco loco bars. Jack says, “you’re beautiful, Mama” to me at least once every day. I just love that little guy. Caylin, “I just can’t help touching Jack’s toys!!” That’s it for this Friday edition of the Right Now Challenge! Read More »

Right Now Challenge: Week 42


Hello! Happy Friday, friends! Yes, it has still been a bit quiet around these parts, but I promise ya, I am missing my blog and am trying to get BACK on the blogging wagon stat! I’ve even slacked a bit when it comes to my Right Now Challenge jot downs. It’s sad. ;) Today is Jack’s 4th birthday and so I do have a few Read More »