Right Now Challenge

Right Now Challenge: Week 43


Caylin: “I can’t wait until I have a crush on a boy, Mama.” Uh oh. We’re in trouble! ;) Luke loves spaghetti and these gluten-free coco loco bars. Jack says, “you’re beautiful, Mama” to me at least once every day. I just love that little guy. Caylin, “I just can’t help touching Jack’s toys!!” That’s it for this Friday edition of the Right Now Challenge! Read More »

Right Now Challenge: Week 42


Hello! Happy Friday, friends! Yes, it has still been a bit quiet around these parts, but I promise ya, I am missing my blog and am trying to get BACK on the blogging wagon stat! I’ve even slacked a bit when it comes to my Right Now Challenge jot downs. It’s sad. ;) Today is Jack’s 4th birthday and so I do have a few Read More »

Right Now Challenge: Week 39


Happy Friday, friends! Here’s Week 39! Luke thinks fake sneezes are hilarious and he cracks up when I let my tongue touch his head. ;) I told Jack Goodnight, and that I loved him and he said, “AMEN!” Jack: “Come and see my castle I made, Mama. It’s even more AWESOMER!” Ha! These kids of mine crack me up! LOVE jotting these down! ;) Have Read More »