Right Now Challenge: Week 13

Happy Friday, friends!

It’s Right Now Challenge day! Yay! Here’s what I wrote down this week! These make me giggle!

  • A Zulily commercial came on the other day talking about how a Mom is never just a Mom and Jack said, “Mommy’s not just a Mom, she’s an oil lady, too!” LOL! So true! ;)
  • Jack: “Hey Caylin, this pirate sword is a great back scratcher! You should try it!”
  • When Luke doesn’t get something that he wants he lets out a BIG sigh.
  • Luke calls his car that he plays in outside, “Beep Beep!” Adorable!
  • Jack pushed in my thigh and said, “Wow, that’s super bouncy!” Hahaha!

Hope you all are having a Happy Friday! Have a great weekend ahead! XOXO!

Right Now Challenge: Week 12

Happy Friday and Happy First Day of Spring! Yay!

Anyone else SOOOO ready for Spring? I know I am! Here’s what I jotted down this week:

  • We were driving down the road and Jack saw a truck that had a decal on it that had a paint can with paint pouring out of it and he said, “What is that? Hot sauce?” LOL!
  • Caylin to Jack, “You’re a Proffitt, Jack. You’ve gotta learn how to take a joke!”
  • Caylin was on the patio with her brothers playing (I was paying her $1 to keep an eye on Luke while I cleaned the kitchen. Luke had other plans though and stood at the back door window calling for me. So, I opened the door and asked Luke if he wanted to come in and she said, “Don’t take him inside, Mama! He’s my money maker!” Hahaha!
  • When look is cold or feels something cold he says, “Brrrrrrrrr!”

That’s it for this weeks’ Right Now Challenge! Yippeeeee! Off to enjoy the night and weekend! Be back soon with more goodness! XOXO!

Right Now: Week 11

Hello friends!

I’m a day late (I’m actually posting this on Saturday, shhhhh), but here you go! Here’s what I wrote down this week:

  • Jac: “Mama, you know those essential oils for animals? Can you put them on a dead dog and it come back alive again?”
  • “I want to be a scientist when I grow up so that I can make a vampire!” – Jack
  • Caylin, “What’s next on the agenuine?” Me: “Uh, you mean agenda, right?” Caylin: “Oh, yeah, that’s it!”
  • When you walk away or tell Luke you will be right back, he’ll say, “Ug! Ug!!” That means he wants a “hug.” ;) I love it when I hear his little voice say, “Ug!” Super sweet. ;)

That’s it! Hope you are having a great weekend!


Right Now: Week 10

Happy Friday, everyone!

We’re pretty much snowed in here! Have been since yesterday! Here in Nashville – this much snow in a winter is pretty unheard of. It’s beautiful, but I’m ready for Spring. Anyone else? ;)

Here’s what I recorded this week:

  • Jack: “When I am in school, I know what my favorite subject is going to be … FOOD!”
  • Luke loves to cross a couple of his fingers nowadays. It’s the cutest thing.
  • Caylin is learning multiplication and division now and loving it. She was so leery of it at first, but I am loving watching her really GET it and catch on so quickly. Just another reason why I love homeschooling. I get to be there for those “a-ha” moments!
  • Luke loves it when I put a bunch of hair in my face and then he pretends to blow it out of my face. He laughs hysterically!

That’s it for today, folks! Love writing these little tidbits down! I hope you are taking a bit of time during the day to write down some things that you don’t want to forget!

Have a great weekend! XOXO!

Right Now: Week 9


This week was a super busy week and so I didn’t get much written down, unfortunately, but I did remember this:

  • Jack: “When I grow up, I want to be a kid again, Mama!”

That was too cute. So see, I’m not great about remembering to write down A LOT sometimes, but even that little nugget is too cute and would have been easily forgotten had I not written it down so I’m good with that. ;)

Have a great day! XOXO!