Right Now Challenge

Right Now Challenge: Week 47


  Week 47! Only got two things down this week, but got this sweet story down that I didn’t want to forget! ;) Jack, “I wish I had a red nose like Rudolph!” Took Jack to get his hair cut and this old gentleman (probably in his 70s) walked in and immediately Jack said to him, “Hi!” The old man smiled SO big and said […]

Right Now Challenge: Week 46


Week 46! Here’s what I have jotted down for this week: Jack said his first “by himself prayer” fully last night. Here’s what he said, “Dear God, thank you for my family. Thank you for making all people and animals, but not the bad animals. Those bad animals can be mean. I want to pray for my Mama and tell you God that I love […]

Right Now Challenge: Week 45

Week 45! Posting a bit late, but still getting it posted! That’s a win! Ha! Here’s what I wrote down this week: Jack in the car as we’re driving down the road, “I really wish I could give you a hug right now Mama.” Sigh. Jack was asking me about the devil after I read him some of his Bible. He asked, “Is the devil […]

Right Now Challenge: Week 44


Happy Friday (and Happy Halloween)! Here’s Week 44 of the Right Now Challenge! Yay! Caylin, “Thank you for pushing me out of your womb.” Um, you’re welcome? Ha! Jack: “Do snakes have heartbeats?” Me: “Yes.” Jack: “Do cheetahs have heartbeats?” Me: “Yes.” And that continued on for about 5 minutes as he listed a bunch of other animals. ;) We think Luke is going to […]

Right Now Challenge: Week 43


Caylin: “I can’t wait until I have a crush on a boy, Mama.” Uh oh. We’re in trouble! ;) Luke loves spaghetti and these gluten-free coco loco bars. Jack says, “you’re beautiful, Mama” to me at least once every day. I just love that little guy. Caylin, “I just can’t help touching Jack’s toys!!” That’s it for this Friday edition of the Right Now Challenge! […]