Spotlight: All Diaper Cakes


My sisters and I recently put a baby shower on for our sister and I knew that I wanted to get her one of those super adorable diaper cakes that I’ve seen here and there. My best friend used to make some really cute mini cupcakes and such with baby items, but since she was no longer doing that, she recommended All Diaper Cakes to me and so I contacted Laura there and was happy to see her return my email so quickly. She was happy to send me a diaper cake for my sister’s baby shower and to review.

My sister loves foxes and so we knew we wanted to incorporate them here and there in her shower, so when I saw Laura’s super cute fox diaper cake – I knew that was the one.

Laura gave me a couple of options for the fox fabric on the cake and I just love the way that it turned out!


Isn’t it SO cute? I just loved the orange with the grey and the quality of it all (from the fabric down to the ribbon) was great!


It was wrapped beautifully with tulle and packaged perfectly in shipment. I was super impressed with how protected and nicely it was wrapped! I always worry how stores pack items when they ship them, but you don’t have to worry about that when All Diaper Cakes ship you something – it was perfect and it shipped fast!


I also love the sweet fox rattle that came with the cake. Just the perfect touch if you ask me.


You can find All Diaper Cakes’ website HERE or on Etsy HERE. They also have a Facebook page HERE. Check them out if you are needing a super cute baby shower gift. They have TONS to choose from! Thank you Laura at All Diaper Cakes for the perfect addition to the baby shower decor for my sister’s shower! She LOVED the cake and everyone there thought it was so cute!

Adding a bit of fun with decals!

I’ve been wanting to add a little more color and fun to my kids’ bathroom and so when I saw these really cute water drop decals, I knew they’d be perfect!

I went searching on Etsy to find a really great place to get some and stumbled up, Sunny Decals.


I just loved their color selection, price and most importantly the reviews I read!

These are the decals that I got:


I went with the #34 blue and it worked perfectly with the cute, colorful shower curtain that is already in there. shower-curtain

What I decided to do was to fill the entire wall that is opposite of the shower curtain with the blue water drops.


They looked so cute scattered about! I then added a framed print that I created to the wall as well. You can find that HERE.

A happy yellow rug in front of the sink and the bathroom was MUCH more bright and fun and the kids LOVE it!


This bathroom is pretty small and there is a window so the pictures aren’t the greatest, but I hope you can see just how easy it is to add some fun decals to a room for hardly any money at all and create a fun impact!

Here are some things that I love about Sunny Decals:

  • The price. After looking around at a lot of etsy shops selling decals – I found that their prices are really great!
  • The quality. The decals were shipped quickly and arrived packaged nicely with instructions as well. I love that they are FABRIC decals, not vinyl and they were so easy to take on and off as I placed them on the wall. Trust me, that’s a huge plus!
  • The people. Jade at Sunny Decals is just the sweetest. I love supporting sweet folks. :)
  • How easy they were to use. Like I said above – the decals came with instructions that were easy to read and follow and the decals went on easily and smoothly. Piece of cake!

So, I highly recommend Sunny Decals if you’re looking to add a bit of POP and FUN to a room in your home!

Have a great day, everyone!


Kensie Kate : A review and giveaway!

iusb_760x100.13605417_176pHappy Monday, friends!

I’m so excited to share this awesome designer that I just discovered recently with you all today!

I was reading the blog of my sweet and talented friend Ann Kelle and saw where she posted a really cute print of Kensie Kate’s & I just had to go and check out more of her work because it was just so cute! It really caught my eye!

Kensie Kate is SO creative and talented! I loved taking the time to look through her cute shop and her website! Her blog is great! She shares a lot of helpful tips, freebies and cute craft projects, too!

Sweet Kensie Kate kindly sent me a little collection of her products to review that consisted of an 8×10 print, a 5×7 print and a collection of postcards, too. All of her designs are so lovely, colorful and fun! Her eye for design is great! I love her use of colors, pattern and whimsical graphics! Being a small business owner myself, I love to find other small business owners who are making such cute things and support them! I know how much hard work and effort goes into it all and so I am happy to be sharing her with you guys today!


Above is the collection of postcards and the 5×7 print that she sent to me. I just love the cute balloon shape postcard! Ack! Adorable! It’s such a cute, original idea and that’s what I love about it!


I also am partial to this cute doughnut postcard, too. It’s sweet (in more ways than one) and I am seriously hanging this on my happy art wall as a print and not sending it to anybody. Nope. Gonna keep that one for myself. Ha! ;)



I love the backs of the postcards, too:


Here’s a close up of the beautiful 5×7 print:


Here’s the 8×10 print:




So pretty! The paper quality is great and she packaged everything so nicely and cute! I would definitely recommend that you head on over to her website, shop and blog (see how you can get there below) and check out Kensie Kate’s beautiful work!


I’ve already got my eye on some other things in her shop and am going to be placing an order soon!

I’m definitely going to be getting THESE postcards to send to friends to make them smile:il_570xN.630886427_o240

I love this ampersand print, too:il_570xN.580022377_sie9

I am thinking about getting these postcards to frame and put in Jack or Luke’s room, too! Eeeeek! Cute!!



This is SO sweet:


I could go on and on about lots of favorites that I have in her shop! SUPER cute! Love her style!

Oh, and guess what time it is now? ;)


The sweet Kensie Kate is going to give one of my readers a $25 credit to her shop! All you have to do is enter using the Rafflecopter below! Good luck! The giveaway will run through this Friday, August 1st!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks so much to Kensie Kate for her generous giveaway and for the sweet goodies she sent to me! Have a beautiful Monday, everyone! XO!

  • Disclosure: Kensie Kate sweetly sent me the above products for free to review, but all thoughts and opinions about her products are all my own.

Snuppet: A Review


I really, really, REALLY love smart, clever and cute things. I think that’s why I’m most excited to share with you guys these cute things called “Snuppets.”

Snuppets are eco-friendly, cute snack bag puppets for kids (hence the name – Snuppets – heehee). This snack bag + puppet in one is adorable. I couldn’t help but go “aw!” when it arrived in my mailbox. I’m serious. I mean, how clever, right?

The Snuppet that I was sent to review was the Lion Snuppet and I just love it. The illustration of the puppet is an original illustration by the artist/mommypreneur Janie. Janie is on a mission to reduce the number of plastic baggies that kids use to carry their snacks in their lunches and just around in general, all the while having lots of fun doing so!




Not only are these snack puppets waterproof, but they are also PBA free, lead free and pthalate free, which is important to me and I know a lot of other Mamas out there. I also love how they are made in the USA! Awesome!

There’s a super simple velcro closure that goes along the bottom inside of the pouch that kept my son’s snack secure in the pouch and then when he was done with it he was quickly and easily able to turn it into a puppet! He LOVED it!



I think putting a healthy snack in there would be a great way to get kids to eat something good for them AND a bit faster than normal since they’d want to hurry up and empty it and then play with it! ;) Ha! Way to be sneaky, eh? ;)

There are lots of other cute animals to choose from and the price is great ($10 a snuppet) and even more so since they are reuseable!

I think Janie is onto something!! These are perfect for kids and great for our environment, not to mention SUPER fun!

To find out more about Snuppets and to order some of your own, head on over to the Snuppets website HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook HERE.

  • Disclosure: Snuppets sent us this Snuppet to review free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own. No other compensation was given. I just love sharing super cute stuff with y’all. :)

Canvas Champ: Review & and an update

Hi y’all!

You guys know that I love photographs and I love being able to put photographs up in my house everywhere, especially some of my most favorite photos. You probably already also know that I love canvases and have quite a few of them in my home.

With that said, I was excited to review a canvas from another company that contacted me a couple of weeks ago. I know many of you love your photographs too and buying canvases to display them on your walls in your home.

The canvas I reviewed was from Canvas Champ.


After reading my first review, the folks at Canvas Champ contacted me and wanted to apologize for the not-so-good experience that I had with their company. They wanted to make things right because they said my experience was NOT the typical experience that people usually have with them. I agreed to let them try to make things right and so they sent me another 12×8 canvas. This time I chose a different photograph and received it yesterday in the mail.


I’m happy to say that this canvas was what I was expecting from them all along. The condition of it was excellent. The black and white quality was awesome – what I have seen from other great canvas companies as well, so I’m glad they took my concerns to heart and did something about them. Canvas Champ did not ask for me to update this review, but I felt that it was only fair to let my readers know that they did fix their mistakes, take responsibility for the quality that was not up to par and have made changes to resolve those, which I think says a lot about a company. So, I haven’t written off Canvas Champ completely. I honestly think maybe there was a misunderstanding of some sort now regarding the second canvas that I received. I’m thinking that maybe the customer service rep I was speaking to might have thought I was OK with the second canvas, even though I was not. I think it was good of them to do the right thing even when they didn’t think they’d get publicly recognized for that. That does say a lot. Just another reason why I decided that it would be fair to update this review. Thanks again to Canvas Champ for the beautiful canvas.. Third time’s the charm! ;)

Below is the first review that I did on Canvas Champ:

I was sent an 12×8 canvas to review and about 5 days after ordering it, it was delivered to me.


The first thing that I noticed right away was that the way it was packaged for mailing wasn’t very good. The canvases I have ordered in the past have come in good-sized boxes and were packaged to protect the canvas where as this canvas was packaged very tightly and wrapped in shrink wrap and then put in a box about the same size of the canvas which made removing the canvas from the box pretty difficult. I was super worried about damaging my canvas just removing it from the packaging it was mailed in. I didn’t like that.

Thankfully I was able to get it out of the box it came in, but was pretty bummed that there were some white specks on my canvas in about four areas. These were noticeable and looked like it occurred during the printing process.

I know that things can happen and so I contacted Canvas Champ to tell them about it and see if they would send me another canvas. They requested I take pictures of the canvas and so I did and was then told that they would send me another one to review.

About 4 days later I got ANOTHER 12×8 canvas from them and once again it was difficult to remove from the box it was shipped in and once again, unfortunately, there was something on the canvas. This time it was a black spot and it was located on a lighter spot on my canvas so it, as well, was noticeable and bugged me. I didn’t want to waste another canvas though and so I decided to use a few heart epoxy stickers from the July OHDEERME embellishment kit from Freckled Fawn to cover up that black dot so that it was salvageable.


I’m super disappointed that I received TWO canvases and both had issues. Although the customer service was good and helped me in a timely manner and they sent me another one to correct the mistakes of the first one, having a second one sent to me that wasn’t the best quality was not good and frustrating.

I do love the 12×8 size that they offer, but there’s not much else good that I can say about it, unfortunately, other than I love the photograph that I used and I’m happy I was able to salvage the canvas because it would have been a huge waste to just throw it away like I had to with the first one.

Bottom line: I think their quality isn’t up to speed and the way they ship their canvases needs to be improved upon greatly. I do appreciate the opportunity that I was given to receive a free canvas to review, but I just wish their quality was better. I’m surprised they didn’t care that my second canvas had something on it as well (I let them know after I received it and was told to just go ahead and review what I had), but since I’m only able to review what I’ve received, I wouldn’t recommend going with Canvas Champ for your canvas printing needs.

I am fortunate to be able to review a lot of products here on my blog and I have even reviewed a couple of other canvas companies. I think it’s super important to share with you guys the quality of the things that I review because you are spending your hard earned money on them, so with EVERY thing I review I consider that and only give you honest and accurate thoughts when doing so. No one likes to give a negative review about something, but this review is honest and I think it’s important that you all know that. I apologize to Canvas Champ, but I hope this constructive criticism about their product will help them make some changes that obviously need to be made. This is the first product I’ve reviewed that I’ve had to be negative about and although it wasn’t easy to write, it was necessary to be honest and stay true to the integrity of myself and my blog.

  • Disclosure: Canvas Champ sent me the above canvas to review. All thoughts and opinions of this product are solely my own.