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    Lists with Friends: Week 25

    Hi y’all!

    I know that I missed last week’s “List with Friends” and honestly this week’s was looking a bit iffy until I decided to write a list of reasons why I’m going to miss these lists on and off throughout this year. Ha! I’m a genius, aren’t I?

    Here it is!

    • Summertime is a BUSY time.
    • I’m working on the yearbook for our homeschool group right now and wanting to get it finished up.
    • I’m reading “Hands Free Mama” and trying to spend WAY less time on the computer.
    • When the weather is nice and it’s not TOO hot – we’re outside. Trying to do more of that, but this heat and humidity we’ve been having lately is killing me. Ugh. Come on Fall.
    • I usually have NO idea what to write a list about, but I like the challenge and it’s great to spark some story-telling oh, and I do love a good list.
    • Mondays are my “catch-up” days from the weekend so if I don’t post – it’s usually because I’m doing lots of catching up! ;)
    • I’m probably boring you all with these lists and so doing them EVERY Monday on my blog would just be too harsh. I love you all, way too much to do that to you. Ha!

    Ok, there you have it! A list of just SOME of the reasons why I skip a Monday here or there and don’t do a “List with Friends.” This blog post had two purposes – 1) to actually get a list DONE and 2) to tell you why sometimes I don’t get one done.

    Gotta love that! ;)

    Happy Monday! Make it a good one, friends!