Lists with Friends: 8


For today’s list I thought I would share a list of the Skylander’s Giants that my kids have on their wishlists. Why you may ask? Well, just because. Ha! Honestly, we don’t even have the game – they just like the figures and I think they’re silly, but there you go. I miss the days of 99cent hotwheels for sure. Thankfully we now have a Read More »

Right Now Challenge: Week 8


Hello! It’s Week 8 of the Right Now Challenge! Hope you are still keeping up with this if you’ve challenge yourself and if you haven’t yet – any time is a great time to start! Here’s what I wrote down this week and not surprising – it’s all something Jack said! LOL! I tell ya – that boy is a character! ;) Jack calls Butterscotches, Read More »

Lists With Friends: 5


Happy Monday! For today’s list, I thought it would be neat to ask my kids to list five favorite things and then list 5 of Luke’s favorite things since he can’t really tell me them just yet! ;) I thought not only would it be super cute to see what they’d say (and also a bit scary – especially what Jack would say), but it Read More »

Santa’s lil’ helper


I just love, love, LOVE Petite Lemon. I have purchased goodies from them for a few years now and every now and then they send my kiddos something so sweet. This is a new shirt that I got from them that I just love. It’s too cute. Jack loves how the elf looks like him! As always the quality is so great, the packaging is Read More »