Have you seen these cute little TeenyMates yet? These little guys are relatively new in our home, but they have multiplied lightning FAST. You’d think they were bunnies or something. Ha! My son Jack is a bit obsessed with them right now and the first couple of packs have turned into collecting the ENTIRE collection. How does that happen, anyway? Good thing we’re all football fans in this house because we’re all totally loving them, too! I’m a little embarrassed to admit that when he got an extra Packer I jumped for joy (I’m a big Cheesehead) and the little guy is now sitting on my desk. ;)


These TeenyMates guys are one-inch pocket players and they are stinkin’ adorable. Jack is just collecting the NFL ones right now (these are all Series 3) – but I’m sure he’ll try to expand that in the near future once he gets the other two that he’s needing to finish his collection – it’s the Ravens and Seahawks in case you’re wondering. ;)


A couple of weeks ago, I contacted the makers of TeenyMates to inquire about the collectors tin that I was wanting to purchase for Jack to keep his little guys in. Unfortunately they were sold out of the tin, but when they heard that Jack loved them, they sent him a couple packs of the NFL and MLB guys as well as their newest little figures – TeenyFreaks.


One side of the TeenyFreaks are normal looking folks, but when you turn them around …


… they are totally freaky and they are a BIG hit with Jack and even Caylin. ;)

You can find these little guys in Target, Toys R Us, Walgreens and Dick’s Sporting Goods stores around you. We’ve gotten the majority of Jack’s collection at Target (sorry folks who live near us that have kids that love them, too. I think we’ve bought them all up, LOL)! Oh, and heads up – there is even a Cartwheel coupon right now on them! ;) They retail from anywhere from $2.59 to about $3.99. You can find the TeenyMates website HERE.



Every little package comes with 2 TeenyMates, a check off sheet (see above) and a couple of puzzle pieces (when you get all of the guys you have a complete puzzle that has the little players on one side and a football field on the other that you can use to play a game of football with).


I think part of the fun of these is that the contents are a surprise! There are even some rare ones that you can get which is super fun! ;)


Needless to say that if you venture over to our home anytime soon you will see these cute TeenyMate guys scattered about our house causing lots of fun and giggles. I mean, come on – they are SO cute!

Guess what? How would YOU like to win some packs for your kid(s) to play with? Well, the sweet folks at Party Animal, Inc. said that I could give away a 4-pack bundle of the TeenyMates of your choice (they have NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA) and a 4-pack bundle of the TeenyFreaks, too! How cool is that?!

All you have to do is venture on over to the TeenyMates website HERE and come back and comment which TeenyMates your kid would love to have! You can post another comment telling me that you liked their Facebook page HERE as well and you can get another entry! I will pick a winner this Friday evening, February 13th.

Have a great Monday, friends!

  • Disclosure: I was sent two packs of NFL TeenyMates, two packs of MLB TeenyMates and two packs of TeenyFreaks, but all opinions and comments expressed in this blog post are solely my own. We have been loving these little guys for awhile now and have bought A LOT of them. I’m super excited to get to share them with you!

Jack’s First Day of Preschool


Someone was pretty excited to start his first day of Preschool last week. ;)


Jack wouldn’t sit still for anything,  complained about the sun being in his eyes a bit and insisted on wearing his puppy backpack, but in sweet Jack fashion he was a trooper and indulged this memory keeping, photo snapping Mama of his and I think I came away with some super cute shots for the Project Life® album. ;)


The cute shirt he’s wearing is from one of my most favorite places online, Petite Lemon. I just love their super comfy and cute customized kid clothing and products. I thought this shirt would be perfect to get Jack to wear for his first day of Preschool photo! I mean, how cute is that little pocket with the crayons in it? Ack! Adorable!


I remember bringing this little boy home from the hospital not too long ago and now he’s in preschool? Sigh. I need someone to hold me. I’m not joking. Sending all of you other Mamas out there BIG hugs as you send your little ones (and not-so-little-ones-anymore) off to school.

Just one more reason why I’m glad we homeschool – after this shot I was able to help him inside, take his shoes off, give him a big hug and spend the rest of the day with him, teaching him all sorts of fun, cool stuff.

Now THAT is a great first day of preschool. :)

Fabulooso Books – A Review


Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a personalized book from Fabuloos Dreams. Fabuloos Dreams is a company that specializes in super cute personalized books (and other goodies like posters and journals). I was excited to get the book in the mail and to surprise Jack with it since I got it personalized just for him. He’s been loving pirates lately so when I went browsing through the different themed books they offered, I knew the pirate captain book was the one to go with.

The ordering process was super simple. I just picked the book that I wanted, selected the photo that I wanted used in the book (I made sure it was a photo that showed Jack’s face straight-on) and then I got to do a little more personalizing in the book by answering a few other questions and I loved the fact that I could write a little dedication to Jack in the beginning of the book. Such a sweet touch!


The final product that I received in the mail surpassed my expectations and more importantly Jack LOVED it! The book was great quality and the colors and illustrations throughout the book were vibrant and fun! It was a hardcover book and I loved the glossy paper that filled the book.


The book is so whimsical and Jack loved seeing his face throughout the book! He even spent the rest of the day calling himself, “Pirate Captain Jack” and asking if he could get a pirate hat soon.

There were lots of giggling and smiling BIG as I read him the book before bedtime and it’s still a favorite of his that I know he will love for years to come. It’s definitely one of those – hold onto forever books.

There was even a little recipe in the back of the book for Hidden Treasure Muffins that we could make, which was super fun and sweet.



The book turned out to be even more PERFECT because there was a little girl and boy in the book that went along with him on his pirate adventure so Caylin and Luke’s name are in the book, too! How perfect is that! Ack! Super cute!


I just love the idea of having a few personalized books in our kids’ libraries at home. It’s a sweet touch and really makes reading even more fun because your child is a PART of the book. What a great birthday gift this would be!

This is what Jack had to say about his new book: “It’s AWESOME!”  So, there ya go. ;)

Thanks so much to Fabuloos Dreams for asking me to review one of their books. I was hoping this book would be a super special addition to Jack’s book collection and it is! They didn’t disappoint and I am thinking I’ll have to order Luke one in the near future, too!

Oh and they are having a sale going on NOW until June 20th, too! Use the code: SUMMER25 for 25% off! Yippeeeee!

You can find Fabuloos Dreams on Facebook HERE and their website is HERE.

  • Disclosure: Fabuloos Dreams sent me one book to review for free. All opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own.

Lists with Friends: Week 19

For today’s list – I thought I’d do a “currently” update for my kids. I’m going to start with Jack. It has been almost a year since the last time I did this so it’s neat to do it about once a year to see how they are growing and changing. I’ll do Caylin and Jack in the weeks’ ahead and I’ll be sure to get these into my Project Life® as well! Score!


  • Watching Wild Kratts, Imagination Movers & Looney Tunes
  • Loving Pie, his plastic fly, drawing monsters & trying to scare Mama
  • Wanting New toys, hugs, lullaby at night, Bible stories at night and snacks
  • Eating Pie,  BBQ chips, Bananas, Breakfast bread & Smoothies
  • Playing With Caylin, action figures, Dump truck and outside in the grass
  • Singing The Gilligan’s Island Theme Song and MercyMe’s “Shake!”
  • Asking Can I have a hug? Can I have a fruit twist? Can I go outside? Can I have a bath?
  • Negotiating for a new toy. Always. Oh, and to stay up late!
  • Wearing Ninja Turtle Undies, Skeleton PJs (his favorite), Plaid PJ bottoms (that make him look so grown up) and buckets on his head
  • Looking forward to Summertime & his birthday


Lists with Friends: 8

For today’s list I thought I would share a list of the Skylander’s Giants that my kids have on their wishlists. Why you may ask? Well, just because. Ha! Honestly, we don’t even have the game – they just like the figures and I think they’re silly, but there you go. I miss the days of 99cent hotwheels for sure. Thankfully we now have a “no more Skylander’s Giants unless your aunties or Grandma and Grandpa get you them” policy. LOL!


Wash Buckler
Fire Kracken
Hot Dog
Freeze Blade
Wham Shell
Prism Break
Lightcore Warnado
Pop Thorn
Turbo Vet Jac
Lightcore Countdown
Trigger Happy
Rattle Shake


Wash Buckler
Freeze Blade
Prism Break
Thorn Horn Camo
Turbo Jet Vac
Lightcore Countdown
Pop Thorn

I know today’s list wasn’t super interesting or exciting, but it is a list, no? ;) It’s also good to have it handy when I need to revert back to it to see what’s on it! ;) 

Anyone else’s kids love those guys?

Happy Monday! I’ll be back in a bit with a super cute shop spotlight! Hugs!