Project Life Tuesday

Happy Project Life Tuesday, friends!

I’m back this week sharing some more pages with you and I’m super happy to report that over the weekend I got A LOT done when it comes to my Project Life album. I’m talking – editing photos, printing photos, about 4 page spreads done, a page spread for a trip we took a few weeks ago, got Luke’s birthday pages almost done. I’m telling you – I had a super creative weekend and it was SOOOOOO nice. I totally needed it after the sometimes stressful moments of the previous week with school starting. Ahhhh. I feel rejuvenated and scrapbooking just totally makes me happy. I HAVE to remember that even if I can’t do A LOT of it every day – I should do at least something each day. Feels good!

Ok, so onto the page shares that I have for today. I’ve been working on these pages for the past 3 weeks. Yep, I said THREE weeks. Good to have them done and although today is September now, I used the Elle’s Studio, August monthly kit on these pages and had so much fun! The kits are always so much fun to use on my pages. The last time I looked, the August kit was still in stock, but they usually sell out so head on over HERE to pick ya one up!

Here we go!


This week I used DESIGN A page protectors and one 5×7 page protector as well. I used goodies from the August Elle’s Studio monthly kit that you can find HERE and I also used cards from the super cute High-Five edition as well.



I just love how the Elle’s Studio kits have bits and pieces that I can use ON my photos, especially for adding dates. I’m always looking for some good label-type embellishments and these kits have lots of good ones always.


I also love the cool vellum pieces that are in the kits. In this months kit – I loved this 3×4 piece that has the word “AWESOME” cut out of it. I thought it would be cool to layer on top of this photo of Luke. :) Oh, and how cute is that “smile” card from the High-Five kit? Love it!


The “currently” is from a stamp set from Elle’s Studio that you can as an add-onto that kit. I love getting the stamps, too because they coordinate and they are super versatile.


This “Favorite Summer Moments” card is also from the kit. Number stickers are Kelly Purkey stickers from back in the day a bit. :)


I wanted to include this 5×7 print out of an instagram photo that was done of Caylin by the awesome folks at Beyond Type 1. They are amazing and spotlight lots of “ambassadors” who are living with Type 1 on their instagram page. Caylin was able to share how she lives “beyond Type 1.” I just love what the organization stands for. You can find out more about them HERE. I used an older October Afternoon label sticker to stamp the date on it and then just added it to the outside of the page protector.


Since the back was empty – I just used a super cute heart die cut from the August Elle’s Studio kit and glued it on the back. Kept it simple, but now it’s not just plain white. :)



Love this little talk rectangle from the kit. I used my tiny attacher to attach it to the card. You know how much I love that thing. ;)


“Happiness is” card from the kit and then those “yum” stickers are old Kelly Purkey stickers again. Yep, Luke eating spaghetti makes me happy. That kid is crazy about spaghetti and it shows when he’s eating it! Ha! ;)


This little talk bubble 3×4 card is in the kit as well. Write some journaling in it and stamp the date on it and call it a day! Cute and simple! Just the way I like it!


Well, there you go. Those are my page shares for the day! I hope you all are having a great week so far!

I’ll be back soon, friends!

Week in the Life: Sunday



We’re all sitting at the table eating breakfast. Jack is putting an enormous amount of syrup on his pancakes, Luke is making a mess with his granola and poking holes in his pancake, Caylin is sipping on her chocolate almond milk, Michael is checking his blood pressure, LOL and I’m talking about what we’re going to do later in the day. :)


This little tin is Jack’s and I wanted to snap a photo of it because he fills it up with SO many little, tiny toys and hauls it everywhere. This is evidence of that. :)


We made some monster bookmarks today. It was fun! Caylin’s is on the left and Jack’s is on the right.


Jack and I played “Target” today. Michael gave him a used gift card and so he would be pretend that he was coming to shop at Target and I was the cashier. He’d buy some toys and I’d ring it up, tell him the total and he’d pay with the gift card. Too cute. ;)


Luke loves to run across the room and then jump on Caylin. He was doing it over and over again, but then he finally just gave her a big hug after landing on her and I snapped this photo. SO thankful I did. They love one another SO much.


Today I worked on getting the homeschool room all cleaned and organized. It felt SO good and it’s a super cute little spot that I know Caylin and Jack are going to have fun learning in.


Caylin did this A LOT during the week, of course, but I captured it finally today. She was honestly a bit apprehensive of me taking a photo of her and including it in the album, but then she said, “You’re right, this is life and that’s what you’re documenting, right? So go ahead and take a picture.” I’m glad she finally felt that way and thankfully it was before the week was up! ;)


This photo is out of focus, but I’m including it anyway because Luke can finally hold 2 fingers up to say how old he is and Michael is SUPER excited because he can only do it with his LEFT hand and he’s thinking he finally got the leftie he’s always wanted (Michael is a leftie). ;)


Me making some brownies.10

I love this vacuum. Her name is Doris (anyone else name inanimate objects?). I thought since I was vacuuming I’d just grab my photo and take a photo! Why not, right?


I stumbled upon this guy. Jack had all of these weapons surrounding this guy and stuck in the carpet. Totally silly and something Jack would do. It’s crazy the things I come across with boys in the house. ;)


Caylin drew this sweet photo for Michael. :)


The kids were having a dance party upstairs and then did a group hug. Photo is super grainy because of the lighting, but love the sweetness of it. They do group hugs a lot.


I thought I’d snap a photo of Jack brushing his teeth since I captured one of Caylin a couple of days ago! ;)


And lastly, I snapped this photo of Luke in our bed. He loves to hang out with Michael right before bed while Michael is ironing his clothes for the morning. They both watch “Scooby-Doo Dragon” together (that’s what Luke calls it since that’s what the episode is about) and it’s just the cutest thing. He gets so excited and is such a Daddy’s boy! I wanted to be sure I documented that little story.

Well, there you have it, friends. I completed an entire week and here’s what I learned about the process and about myself during this week of documenting a Week in the Life:

  1. I didn’t take as many photos as I had hoped. I wanted to take more pictures, but honestly with three kids and this season of life that I’m in – it just wasn’t possible without going completely insane and having my camera in my hand at all times. I just decided early on that no matter HOW many photos I took – what mattered was that I was taking some. I wanted to give myself grace because I knew things are busy and just devoting the time to capture SOME of our week would be a gift. I ended up with some photos that really speak to me and document our life RIGHT NOW so I’m glad that I could just keep on chugging along even when I was discouraged a time or time.
  2. I REALLY need to practice with my camera more. The first half of this project it was rainy and cloudy out and so there was not a lot of great natural light. I kept looking at Ali’s photos and thinking – man – I am SUPER jealous of the natural light coming in her home! Hahahaha! I just need to get more comfortable with my camera and it’s capabilities and keep practicing. I take enough photos – now I just need to get educated more about my camera. I have the tool – just need to learn what all I can do with it to get even better photos!
  3. I need a camera remote. I think if I would have had one of those – I’d be in the photos more and it would look more natural like Ali’s photos. I did use the timer app camera on my phone, but it was a bit of a pain at times. I love how Ali’s in so many of her photos, but honestly – I don’t look as good as Ali does when I don’t have anywhere to go! Hahahaha! I mean – she is looking great in all of her photos – even the ones when she’s in the bed still! My hair is usually a mess, I have no makeup on and I’m wearing the same shirt for three days in a row. It is important to get IN the photo though so I still did. I just need to do my hair and makeup more next time! ;)
  4.  This project pushed me … in a good way. It really made me think about what stories I want to remember and what photographs I wanted to capture of our life right now. Sure, I didn’t tell and capture EVERY story, but I love how A Week in the Life really helped me grow in a lot of ways as a memory keeper. I’m a big “everyday photo” type of scrapbooker and taking photos all day, every day for 7 days was a bit challenging for me at times. It wore me out, but at the end of it all, it was worth it and it’s worth doing so I’m super thankful for that and for giving it a-go.
  5. I will be doing it again next year. Yep, I sure am. Are you?

Have a blessed day, friends! Hope your Week in the Life wrapped up great, too!

Week in the Life: Saturday



Jack was the last one awake on Saturday and so I snuck into Caylin’s room and snapped this photo of him. I just love taking photos of Jack sleeping. You might be aware of my #jackryansleeps hashtag on Instagram. I’m a bit obsessed with sleeping photos of him. He just looks to perfect when he sleeps – it’s just the most precious thing. So thankful to capture this.


Luke was looking out of the bonus room window at the cars driving by. He was also looking to see if his Daddy was mowing the grass. He couldn’t find him out there.


Peeked around the corner of Jack’s room and saw him and Caylin on the floor playing. They’ve been pretty good at playing together lately with minimal bickering. This day they were building lots of different Lego people. Sidenote: I can’t keep Jack’s floor of his room clean for NOTHING.  5

Luke put together all 4 of his animal puzzles. He had they spread all out on the bonus room floor and I told him to help me pick them up and he insisted on putting them all together himself. When he was done he was SO proud of himself. He smiled so big and started clapping. It was so cute! He’s great at puzzles!


I was trying to remember to get in the photos more and so I snapped this photo of myself when I was out and about yesterday running some errands. Totally dorky, but hey – I’m ok with that! Ha! ;)


After my errand running I snapped a photo of the passenger seat. My purse was sitting there and so was the bag of goodies that I got at Crackerbarrel – banana moon pies and some Dr. Enuf. If you know me, you know I love those. Like A LOT. Too much, really. ;) 8

Jack is always building super cool buildings to play on. He used lots of Luke’s puzzles and toys to build this really cool building for his Power Ranger Lego guy. He must have sat there and played with that for about 30 minutes. He rarely likes to play by himself (he likes interaction and playing with people more), but at least once a day I’ll tell him to go and play by himself and use his imagination. I love what he comes up with and I know it’s so good for him.


One more shot of Jack playing . I love this view, too. :)


Saw this sweet drawing and note for Jack on Caylin’s nightstand. That is seriously the cutest little monster guy, isn’t it?


Walked by and snapped a photo of Caylin brushing her teeth. This is so her right now, Pikachu nearby, new purple skeleton PJs (her and her brothers all have skeleton PJs and they have “glow parties” where they get glow sticks and tell “ghost stories” and sit in the dark, although it freaks Jack out – he’s afraid of the dark – and now they look at their PJs glow. It’s their thing. Oh, and they like to listen to “The Monster Mash” and “The Ghostbusters” theme song. Ha!


This is the first little Shopkins that Caylin got and she wanted to be sure I documented it. It’s name is Saucy Pan if you care. Hahahahaha! I don’t really get these things, but she enjoys them so I just move on. ;)


Quick bedtime selfie with Caylin and Jack. 14

Went to my studio area and moved things around a bit. Was going to do some cleaning up, but decided against it. It still needs to be cleaned as I type this. Whoops. Gotta get motivated and get it all cleaned off. I can’t work on it until it’s nice and tidy again. Anyone else like that?

Well, there you go! My Saturday “Week in the Life” photos! Today’s the last day of this project and I’m honestly getting a bit worn out! Ha! I have LOVED capturing photos that I might otherwise not have, but it’s a bit exhausting and I’m not even taking that many photos! Everyone’s been a pretty good sport about me snapping photos, but I can tell they are getting a bit worn out, too! LOL! You know me – I love taking photos so I will definitely keep on taking them, but just gonna slow down a bit after today. Until next year’s Week in the Life. ;)

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Week in the Life: Thursday & Friday


Hi friends!

So, I totally did NOT get a blog post up yesterday with Thursdays photos and it’s already getting late on Saturday and so I figure I better just get both Thursday AND Friday photos up today so I can get caught up! Ha! Honestly, I haven’t been taking as many photos as I’ve wanted to, but I wasn’t going to throw in the towel. I figure even if I don’t capture as much as I’d like to – this is just the season of life I’m in (hello, super busy Mama season) and ANY photo that I capture is one that I didn’t have before and THAT is something to be celebrated, right? So I’m still chugging along and capturing snippets of our daily life this week.

Here are Thursday’s photos:


Captured this shot of Luke at breakfast. His granola was everywhere, which is normally the case and of course there’s Maggie waiting patiently below to catch just about every crumb that she can. It’s a major jackpot below Luke. ;)


Luke is all about playing with cars lately. He loves to make the “zoom” noises as he plays.


Caylin LOVES puzzles and she’s been working on this one this week and so I captured her doing just that. Of course Pikachu is never far behind (told ya!) and you can see a little orange blip on the bottom right corner of the photo which is too funny because I continually get on her case about these tiny beads that I find EVERYWHERE and yep – one photobombed this photo. PERFECT. ;)


Snapped this picture of Caylin’s little Barbie mega block pieces that she’s collecting. I know that one day soon these will be too “babyish” for her. Goodness she is growing up so fast. Sigh.


Luke loves Scooby-Doo. I thought it was just too cute to find him sitting in his chair watching Scooby-Doo with his little stuffed Scooby toy.


Later in the day I caught Jack playing cars on the bonus room floor. He’s always so animated when he plays. I just love it. It’s loud, imaginative and silly. That’s Jack and I’m so glad that I’m capturing all of these “playing” photos that I have this week.


I was doing some work and so I snapped a picture of my desk and what was on it. Gotta love my super comfy superhero PJ bottoms. Ha! ;)


Took Jack to get a haircut (it was LONG overdo). I love how you can see me in the shot, too. I was super bad about getting IN the photo on Thursday. Whoops. This totally counts, right? We went to Target after this, but let’s be honest – who can remember to snap a photo in Target? There’s just too much goodness to get into in there. Ha!

Let’s move on to Friday, shall we?


I got up bright and early (5:45) to make some blueberry muffins for breakfast so that Michael could take some before he left for work. I’m just totally sweet like that. ;)


Snapped a shot of the vitamins and fish oil capsule I took this morning. Super exciting, I know! Ha! ;)


While Jack ate breakfast I took a photo of him and he gave me this crazy, silly face and of course the thumbs up. Jack is always doing the thumbs up and I love how his Kraang action figure is near him. He’s taking that thing everywhere nowadays and so I love how it’s captured in this photo. fri4

After breakfast we all went for a walk. I’m a sucker for shadow photos. Going on a morning walk is our new thing.


Jack loves to stop by the creek and pretend he’s fishing. fri6

Obligatory shoe snapshot! ;)


I loved how Caylin work two different socks. This is so her personality!


Caylin snapped this photo of Luke and I and when I saw it, my heart melted. Totally doesn’t matter that I’m in comfy clothes, hair is pulled back and no makeup on – I can see so much love in this photo. It makes my heart so happy. I need to hand over my camera more often to her. Super good reminder to get in the photo and let your kids give it a shot! They will sometimes surprise the heck out of you and you’ll end up with a gem!


Totally not gonna lie – hit up Bojangles for dinner. I didn’t get a chance to go to the grocery store and so I picked up some chicken wraps and some fries.


After dinner I went out with Caylin so she could practice her bike. I’m so proud of her. She just learned how to ride her bike not that long ago and even though she’s still a bit apprehensive on it at times, she’s doing great and I can’t wait to go on bike rides together this Fall.


I got the boys to look out the window at her as she rode and they were cheering her on. It embarrassed her, but she loved it! They all look so stinkin’ cute in the window! ;)

Well, there’s Thursday and Friday! Today I didn’t take as many photos as I liked as well, but totally ok! I just pray I have enough to fill up that super cute album! Ha! I’ll make it work and know that I’ll cherish this snapshot of our week! I’m excited about printing out the photos and getting them in the album, along with the memories and stories.

Hope you all are having a great weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with my Saturday photos! Until then! ;)

Week in the Life: Wednesday


Goodness, Thursday is almost over with – today was SUPER busy, but I’m just now getting around to posting the photos I took yesterday. Still chugging along with “a week in the life.” How are you doing? Hope you are chugging along, too! I’m excited to get this week done and print everything out and start to put it all together in the album! Yay!


The kids were running around downstairs and playing. I just started snapping away! These are the ones that I captured. I think they show each child’s personality and they’re fun!




Caylin snuck off earlier this morning to the sun porch to read a bit. 5

I love these “pop in the room and snap a photo without them knowing pictures.”


I totally cleaned out the kitchen drawers and organized them all yesterday. I go me!


Thought it would be cool to have a photo of our fridge right now and all that’s on it so I snapped a photo! ;) It’s totally messy, but hey!


Caylin and Jack were playing in Jack’s room and I caught them sitting inside the tubs for the toys. They were playing aliens in spaceships and ramming into one another. 9

Got this cute new essential oil clutch in the mail yesterday! Love!


Totally took a photo of the spaghetti sauce I was making! Ha! I was getting desperate for photos! ;)


The last picture I took was this one from in front of our house. There was a storm a-breweing and it looked super cool and a bit freaky! We had a good little storm, but thankfully nothing severe.

And there you have my WITL for Wednesday! ;) I’ll share more tomorrow!