Project Life Tuesday

Happy Project Life Tuesday!

For this week’s page spread I went back a week just because I wanted to share my pages with the OHDEERME embellishment kit last week. These are the pages that come before the ones I shared last week. :)


Here’s a shot of both pages. I used DESIGN A page protectors (my go-to page protectors) and also I used the super cute 6×8 DESIGN 4 page protector, too for a little insert that I’m going to talk to you about in just a bit! ;)

I used the Confetti Edition that I designed as well. Also scattered throughout the cards you’ll see some older scrapbook label stickers from October Afternoon (I can’t get enough of those – they are PERFECT for Project Life!) and of course my Project Life date stamp and my Tim Hotlz tiny attacher. :)


Here’s the left side. :)


Here’s a close up of this 4×6 card. Luke had these SUPER adorable monster PJs that I got him late last year. He LOVED them and wore them ALL of the time (at his request) and well when he outgrew them I was so torn. I wanted to keep them in his little baby box that I have for each of my kids, but then he got this big chocolate stain on the top and I thought hmmm … I could totally just cut out a couple of these monsters and put them on a 4×6 card and so that’s what I did. Honestly, his baby box is a bit full (can we say I have a hard time letting go of my babies things?) and so this was the perfect way to incorporate this sweet memory and these sweet jammies. ;)


I ALMOST thought about redoing this 4×6 card because I was a bit too energetic when I stamped the date and so it’s messed up a bit, but that’s REAL life and so I just left it. I can’t stare at it too long though! Hahaha! Moving on! ;)


Another close up of the left side. :)


This is a 4×6 photo that I just put some stickers on and some alphabet stickers from a Studio Calico Project Life kit a month or so ago back. Yep, that guy’s name is “Wally.” Wanted to remember that. That’s Jack’s little friend. ;)


This is the front of the insert that I included this week. Once every year I love to do a little “currently” type thing for my kids and I ask them the same questions. So for Caylin, I thought it would be a neat idea to use this little 6×8 page protector and include a “currently” card, a recent photo of her and a few other little goodies about her.


The green “hello lovely life” is from my Confetti Edition. I actually just cut it out from a 3×4 card and then paced it on a plain 3×4 card using some foam squares for a bit of dimension. All little embellishments are from Freckled Fawn. :)


Here’s a close up of the little “currently” card and the “REMEMBER” card is from my edition as well. :)


Here’s the back of the insert. She wrote her name on one of the lined 3×4 Project Life cards and then I included this sweet little post-it note to me on it as well. The little wooden heart is from Lawn Fawn and the epoxy heart and stamp are from Freckled Fawn.


She also drew this little piece of art for me to slip in and then I included a picture of something she is loving right now – Pikachu! ;) I’m thinking I’ll do the same for both Jack and Luke, but mix it up a bit with what I include since they can’t really write their names just yet. It’ll be a sweet way to look back on them this year though, I think! :)


Right side. :)


I was sure to get that RIGHT NOW card in there and also, of course, I used a photo template from my friend Tracy to get those three pictures on that 4×6 photo. :) Love how you can add a little title or caption, too!


I took a picture of a sweet note Caylin wrote to me on some of her school work and included it on this card. I have a thing for printing my Instagram photos out 2×2 and then putting them on 3×4 journaling cards. I just love it. :)

Of course I had to take a picture when my Confetti Edition arrived at my doorstep for the first time! Eeeeek! I thought that sticker was appropriate for more than one reason! Ha!


Well, that’ll do it for today’s Project Life Tuesday! Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a blessed day!


  • To find out more about Project Life, head on over to Becky Higgins’ blog HERE. You can purchase the Confetti Edition at Becky Higgin’s site HERE and over at Simon Says Stamp as well HERE. Also, check your local scrapbook stores, too! Yipppeeeeeeeeee!

Simon Says Sneak

I was SO excited to be asked to be on the Simon Says Stamp blog again to spotlight my new Confetti edition! You can see some pages that I put together for my Project Life album using my cards over on the blog today HERE.

Here’s a sneak peek! ;)


Have a beautiful, blessed day and thanks to my friends at Simon Says Stamp for sharing my pages today!


Project Life Tuesday

Happy Project Life Tuesday!

I’m sharing some pages today and using the April OHDEERME Embellishment kit to snazzy them up a bit! ;) I love how the Freckled Fawn kits are PERFECT for adding a bit of depth, texture and embellishing to Project Life pages without being too overwhelming and there’s always plenty of goodies left for other projects, too!

Here we go!


Here’s a shot of both pages. I used DESIGN A page protectors and also a DESIGN 4 page protector which is a 6×8 page protector with 4 3×4 slots. I recently got some of them and LOVE them! They’re so cute to add to the middle of your pages. Not sure why I get so giddy about them, but they are just the perfect little size to include from time to time. ;) The kits that I used are: my Confetti Edition (yay!) and I also used a couple of cards from Cathy Z’s value kit.


Right side. :)


You better believe that I took a shot of me with my kit before I opened it! Ha! I’m a dork, but it had to be done. ;) The circle photo and the four square photo pictures are both photo templates that I LOVE from my friend, Tracy. Told you I ALWAYS use them. Hahaha! ;)


Here’s a close up of the circle photo. Also, can we just take a second to say just how delicious the frozen lemonade at Chick-Fil-A is? YUMMY. Ok, carry on. ;)


This little 3-d embellishment that I included in the middle of this 4×6 photograph is from the April kit! It has a little geotag graphic in the middle of it. Super cute!


My daughter made me this little “love bug” as she called it the other day. I used a piece of the paper from my 6×6 Confetti pad, cut it down to 4×6 and then stuck this sweet piece on it. :)


Here’s the front of the insert I used. I wanted to just put some photos of the little egg hunt we had last weekend in it.


Those yellow letters are in the kit as well and are super cute and versatile! Love the font and the color! PERFECT for Spring/Easter pages and photos! The “hunt” stickers are some SUPER old stickers that I have from way back. It’s time to start putting the goodies I still have to use! SO proud I busted them out and used them! Hahaha! ;)


I made a little banner lift thingie for the insert. Just took a strip of yellow cardstock and folded it on the side of the page protector. Stapled it using my handy dandy tiny attacher (LOVE that thing) and then placed a super cute green heart epoxy sticker that’s in the kit directly on it. Done!


Here’s the back of the insert. Just some more photos and one of my 3×4 cards with some journaling on it about the day. :)


Here’s the right side. :)


I love this simple photo of Luke. :) I just took an older label sticker that I had (once again from WAY back – I think it’s October Afternoon) and stuck it to the photo and folded the little bit extra over the side. Then stapled it and wrote a little something on it. The wooden butterfly embellishment is in the April kit, too!


Here’s a close up of that for ya to see. ;)


I really just created my own little filler card for this 4×6 slot. The yellow polka dot paper is from my Confetti 6×6 pad (LOVE me some yellow AND polka dots) and then the felt embellishment is one of four that comes in the OHDEERME embellishment kit this month. Love how sweet and whimsical it is. Such a great embellishment! It would be perfect on a layout or card, too!


Couple more cards from my kit and a sweet photo of Luke’s Easter egg bucket. He was so proud of himself!


Lastly, this sweet rhinestone image sticker is in the kit as well. It’s SO much cooler in person! Love it! Such a unique embellishment!

Well, there you have it! Those are my page shares for today! I skipped two pages ahead of what I WAS going to share just because I HAD to use these sweet embellishments in the kit on these pages with the Easter egg hunt photos, etc. I will post the two previous pages next week here on my blog for Project Life Tuesday! I hope you’ll be back then!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to follow me on Instagram! You can find me there by searching: imonehappymama.

Have a blessed day, everyone! XOXO!

  • To find out more about Project Life, head on over to Becky Higgins’ blog HERE. You can purchase the Confetti Edition at Becky Higgin’s site HERE and over at Simon Says Stamp as well HERE. Also, check your local scrapbook stores, too! Yipppeeeeeeeeee!

The story of my button and why it’s not going anywhere

You see those three words right above there. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Yep, I know that we all look at ourselves so critically most of the time, don’t we? We look in the mirror and wish our hair wasn’t in that awkward stage or that our skin wasn’t so pale or that we would lose 20 pounds or that our teeth were straighter or even that we were taller.  Yep, we’ve all been there glancing at ourselves and wishing we could snap our fingers and change the things we didn’t like. I’m totally guilty of it myself, but this is a story about REALLY seeing yourself … the way you should.

Let me explain.

A few nights ago I was tucking my son Jack into bed for the night. He is a hugger and so I knew I was going to give him about 10 hugs before it was all said and done (that’s the norm each night, LOL). When he went to give me the first big hug I warned him, “Jack, be careful. I put some Oregano oil on my face and it’s a hot oil so if it gets on your face it could burn you a bit and I don’t want that to happen.” He stopped short of hugging me and looked at me confused and said, “Why do you have Oregano oil on your face, Mama?” To which I replied, “Well, you know this mole I have right here (pointing to my face just below left eye)? I’m applying oil to it so that I can remove it from my face.”

Jack’s eyes got SO big and then I saw this look flood over his face. It was like he had seen a ghost or something. It took me by surprise and he said, “But Mama, you can’t get rid of that. It’s your button.” I said, “My button?” And he said, “Yeah, you remember when I was little and I’d sit on your lap or hug you and I’d see your button and I’d push it and you’d make a funny sound or face and we’d both laugh so hard? It’s your button. You can’t get rid of it. If you did, your face wouldn’t be the same anymore and I wouldn’t have that button.”

My heart sank. I could see that it clearly upset him. I had totally forgotten about that and how it would make him giggle so much. How could I have forgotten that? I could see tears welling up in his eyes as I explained to him how I was so sorry that I was trying to remove it and that I didn’t know it meant that much to him. To which he then said (get your tissues ready, folks), “Of course it means so much to me, Mama. It’s your face. I love your face.” Sigh. Right then we BOTH were crying. It was just the most heartfelt, sweetest, caring moment I’ve ever had in my life. Sounds so simple, but it was.

I had never seen him cry like that before. It was all over this raw emotion and heartache at the thought of losing the “button” on my face. I embraced him tightly and reassured him that I would never ever again try to remove my “button” and that I would never have tried to do that if I had known how much it really meant to him.

This sweet exchange between my son and I reminded me that although I might look in the mirror and see somethings that I wish I could change and even remove completely, that my son can look at the same thing and he sees something so much more than that. He sees my “button” and remember how we would giggle and smile and how it brought him joy. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just always see ourselves the way that our children see us? We have to remember that there IS beauty in our imperfections. That we ARE enough.

Jack taught me so much in that sweet 10 minute conversation. So much about what I think of myself and about what I SHOULD think of myself. He took something that I’ve always thought was ugly and brought beauty to it. That kind of love is such a blessing. There is so much power in what our children have to say and what they think of us. Today I’m thanking God for this “button” on my face and the joy it has brought to my son. Not only that, but the joy that it has brought to me now that I was reminded of the sweet memories that surrounded it.

I’m not gonna try to remove that button ever again. Nope. Definitely not. Instead, Jack will push it and I’ll make a silly sound and face and we’ll giggle. That button will always be there and be a constant reminder of the beauty in my imperfection, the unconditional love of my son. and how I am enough. Button and all.

Project Life Tuesday

Happy Project Life Tuesday!

Today I am SUPER excited to share some of pages with you guys that have some cards from my Confetti Edition Project Life kit that I designed! To say the whole experience of putting cards that I designed into my album’s page protectors was a bit surreal is an understatement! Just such a cool thing and I’m happy to say that I just LOVE them even more having them in my hands and USING them! Eeeeek!

Ok, so here are a couple of pages that I made using my new Confetti Edition core kit! Yay!!


I used DESIGN A page protectors and of course my Confetti Edition! Yay!  I also used a 4×6 card from the pack of specialty cards as well! I’ll show you a close up photo of that in a bit! ;)


Here’s the right side. I was sure to include my Right Now card that lists things that I didn’t want to forget that happened around the time of these photos. Little things my kids say, milestones, etc. Love looking back on those.


I really love how my little 2×2 photos that I LOVE to use fit perfectly in a lot of my journaling 3×4 cards. :) PL5

Here are a couple more cards from the kit! :) Oh, and there’s Smurple. Smurple is special because he was given to Caylin when she was in the PICU after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We finally got him a name tag. ;)


Ok, now this camera 4×6 card is super cool because the camera is silver foil! Hard to see here, but here’s a close up to see if you can see it a bit more. :) Oh, and yep – I used another of my friend Tracy’s photo templates! I told you I loved those! :-D


Just LOVE it! There’s a pack of cards that include 4×6 AND 3×4 cards!


The other week Luke chewed up this book of his. It was bittersweet because I’ve had this book since Caylin was a baby and he totally chewed and tore the cover right off. The neat thing though is that with Project Life, I can add little sweet doo-dads like this that I want to keep. So, I punched a couple of holes in the side and stuck it in my album. Voila! :)


Here’s a close up shot! I am trying to use up some of my super old scrapbooking supplies and so I took this label sticker from October Afternoon and then stapled it on the book! :)


Here’s the right side. :)


This #winning card from my kit cracks me up! Here’s a little sweet tidbit – my husband helped me come up with some of the sayings in my core kit. This wasn’t one of them, but I love how he participated in my design as well. :)


I love this simple black and white polka dotted 4×6 card in the kit. I love simple and this is just it and so versatile! I put a cute flair button that I got from my friend Finding Nana awhile back!



Lastly, here is a little 4×6 card that I love, too. I just adore the color yellow AND this sweet photo Luke took with me. Makes ma happy!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed seeing some more cards from my kit! If you’re not following me on Instagram yet – you need to because I’ve posted some quick little videos of cards from the kit as well! You can find a link to my IG account in my sidebar!

Hope you all have a great day! I’ll be sharing how my edition came to be and more from it in the days ahead! Thanks to everyone for your sweet words of support and encouragement through it all! It really has been a dream come true!


  •  To find out more about Project Life, head on over to Becky Higgins’ blog HERE. You can purchase the Confetti Edition at Becky Higgin’s site HERE and over at Simon Says Stamp as well HERE. Also, check your local scrapbook stores, too! Yipppeeeeeeeeee!