Project Life Tuesday

Hi everyone! Happy Project Life Tuesday to ya!

Been working on my pages and have a couple more to share with you today + and insert from a little road trip my family and I took! Yay!

Ok, let’s get this party started! ;)


I used DESIGN A page protectors and then a DESIGN G page protector for an insert for this spread. I used cards from the Boys Rule mini kit, Cathy Zielske mini kit, my Confetti Edition kit, Hi Sunshine mini kit and some cards from the March Elle’s Studio kit.


Here’s the lovely left side. ;)


A couple of close-ups for ya!


The “Oh Happy Day” die cut is from the March Elle’s Studio monthly kit! I’m finally getting around to busting that thing open and LOVED it! You’ll see more elements and cards from that kit in this post. ;)


Of course I whipped out my tiny attacher and date stamp. Do I even NEED to mention that every time? I think not, but I love them both so. ;)


I wanted to include this brochure from the little road trip we took. Have you guys seen THIS super cool video by Amy Tan on how to make brochures readable in your albums? GENIUS!


Here’s the front of the insert. I used cards from my Confetti edition for the front and LOTS of adorable goodies from the May Freckled Fawn OHDEERME embellishment kit. The kit was perfect for this page!








On this page I used some Elle’s Studio cards from March. They are too cute! I love the quality of the cards, too! Not flimsy or thin and really cute designs! The die cuts are super versatile, too! So many uses!





The little “hello life” wooden piece is from the Cathy Zielske mini kit.


And there you have it! Hope your week is off to a great start and you are documenting your life along the way! Have a great day, everyone! Make it a good one!


  • To find out more about Project Life, head on over to Becky Higgins’ blog HERE. You can purchase the Confetti Edition that I designed at Becky Higgin’s site HERE and over at Simon Says Stamp as well HERE. Also, check your local scrapbook stores, too! Yipppeeeeeeeeee!

Project Life Tuesday

Happy Project Life Tuesday!

Today I am SUPER excited to share some of pages with you guys that have some cards from my Confetti Edition Project Life kit that I designed! To say the whole experience of putting cards that I designed into my album’s page protectors was a bit surreal is an understatement! Just such a cool thing and I’m happy to say that I just LOVE them even more having them in my hands and USING them! Eeeeek!

Ok, so here are a couple of pages that I made using my new Confetti Edition core kit! Yay!!


I used DESIGN A page protectors and of course my Confetti Edition! Yay!  I also used a 4×6 card from the pack of specialty cards as well! I’ll show you a close up photo of that in a bit! ;)


Here’s the right side. I was sure to include my Right Now card that lists things that I didn’t want to forget that happened around the time of these photos. Little things my kids say, milestones, etc. Love looking back on those.


I really love how my little 2×2 photos that I LOVE to use fit perfectly in a lot of my journaling 3×4 cards. :) PL5

Here are a couple more cards from the kit! :) Oh, and there’s Smurple. Smurple is special because he was given to Caylin when she was in the PICU after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We finally got him a name tag. ;)


Ok, now this camera 4×6 card is super cool because the camera is silver foil! Hard to see here, but here’s a close up to see if you can see it a bit more. :) Oh, and yep – I used another of my friend Tracy’s photo templates! I told you I loved those! :-D


Just LOVE it! There’s a pack of cards that include 4×6 AND 3×4 cards!


The other week Luke chewed up this book of his. It was bittersweet because I’ve had this book since Caylin was a baby and he totally chewed and tore the cover right off. The neat thing though is that with Project Life, I can add little sweet doo-dads like this that I want to keep. So, I punched a couple of holes in the side and stuck it in my album. Voila! :)


Here’s a close up shot! I am trying to use up some of my super old scrapbooking supplies and so I took this label sticker from October Afternoon and then stapled it on the book! :)


Here’s the right side. :)


This #winning card from my kit cracks me up! Here’s a little sweet tidbit – my husband helped me come up with some of the sayings in my core kit. This wasn’t one of them, but I love how he participated in my design as well. :)


I love this simple black and white polka dotted 4×6 card in the kit. I love simple and this is just it and so versatile! I put a cute flair button that I got from my friend Finding Nana awhile back!



Lastly, here is a little 4×6 card that I love, too. I just adore the color yellow AND this sweet photo Luke took with me. Makes ma happy!

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed seeing some more cards from my kit! If you’re not following me on Instagram yet – you need to because I’ve posted some quick little videos of cards from the kit as well! You can find a link to my IG account in my sidebar!

Hope you all have a great day! I’ll be sharing how my edition came to be and more from it in the days ahead! Thanks to everyone for your sweet words of support and encouragement through it all! It really has been a dream come true!


  •  To find out more about Project Life, head on over to Becky Higgins’ blog HERE. You can purchase the Confetti Edition at Becky Higgin’s site HERE and over at Simon Says Stamp as well HERE. Also, check your local scrapbook stores, too! Yipppeeeeeeeeee!

Introducing the Confetti Edition

ConfettiIt has been SUPER hard to keep this a secret for the past 5 months so I am SO excited to finally be able to share this with all of my awesome blog readers. One of my biggest dreams has come true. Ack, I seriously tear up every time I think about it! Back in August, I got an email from Becky Higgins asking me if I wanted to design a Project Life edition. Yep, you read that right! Trust me, I had to read the email a few times myself just to be sure I wasn’t seeing things! Ha! I also might have screamed a bit! Did you folks in California hear me screaming here in Tennessee? I would not be surprised if you did! ;)

Of course I quickly emailed her back (after telling my husband and screaming some more) and told her that I would LOVE to and then continued to pinch myself for the next few months.

Speaking of the next few months, it was a bit crazy to say the least. Not only was I designing my first ever Project Life edition, but we were MOVING, too. Yep, can you say I’m a bit nuts? Ok, I’m more than a bit nuts! Ha! It was a dream of mine though and despite how crazy I knew the next few months were going to be, I was bound and determined to get it all done and I was SO grateful for the opportunity. I knew it would be worth it all in the end and it was!

I poured my heart and soul into this kit. I worked MANY hours on it. Let’s just say I have a new-found appreciation for these awesome Project Life designers because I know what all goes into designing one. Sometimes I felt like I had NO idea what I was doing, but I’ve always been the type to – say yes first and figure it out later! Ha! I think you HAVE to be that way in life, especially when it comes to fulfilling a dream, ya know? I am SO glad that I took the leap and am so thankful that Becky gave me the opportunity to fulfill this dream of  mine. This Project Life edition is kind of like my 4th baby.  I can’t wait to have it in my hands and put it to use. It’s going to be a bit surreal and I’m sure some tears will be shed, but I can’t wait and I really, really, really hope you all love it. I just want people to want to use it and I can’t wait to see it in YOUR Project Life albums next to YOUR family photos and memories. That is going to make my heart SUPER happy. I just can’t wait.

So thank you SO much to Becky and her amazing team. They were so wonderful to work with and for. It was such a great experience. One that I will never forget. An opportunity of a lifetime for me, really. I want to thank my sweet, awesome, amazing husband as well because he put in A LOT of hours helping me with the kids and with packing and with moving and with keeping me sane throughout it all. He is my biggest supporter and encourager and I couldn’t do life without him (or want to do life without him)! He actually even gave me some ideas for my designs which I loved and used! Ha! I love you, Michael! Thanks also to my sweet kids who were my inspiration for this edition. It’s a kit full of bold color, happiness, sweetness, delight and a bit of real life thrown in, too! That’s why I knew CONFETTI was the perfect name for it. Life is really a mish-mash of happiness and joy and craziness and messiness – just like confetti.  Confetti can be super messy, but it just makes folks smile and is joyful and worth the mess in the end.

Thanks for sharing in this sweet, exciting news with me. I hope you love the edition as much as I loved putting my heart into it.

I’ll be sharing more about this edition on my blog soon (as well as some more photos, etc). You can head on over to Becky’s blog HERE to see the announcement and get a glimpse of a bit more of it and if you’re going to CHA – be sure to stop by Becky’s booth and see it in person! I SO wish I could! Yippeeeeeeeee!!!! Time to throw around some confetti now and celebrate! ;)


One little word 2015

Every year for the past few years I’ve chosen one little word to concentrate on in the upcoming new year. This year I chose the word:


I chose this word for a number of reasons.

I really want to focus on reaching for things that are important to me in 2015.

  • I want to reach for God’s word more. Reaching for my Bible is more important than reaching for my mouse to check on people’s Facebook statuses. I need to make better use of my free time.
  • I want to reach for healthier, better foods for my family and I. We are doing pretty well in the eating department, but there is a lot of room for improvement, too. We’ve almost cut out all gluten, but we still have improvements to make and I want to be sure that instead of reaching for the “easy” thing – I reach for the better thing.
  • I want to reach out to my kids more and by that I mean I want to just spend more one-on-one time with them and reach them where they are at that moment. I want to reach for them and give them lots more hugs and kisses, too. I already do give them lots, but there can never be TOO many hugs and kisses as far as I’m concerned.
  • I want to reach for the goals that I’ve placed in front of myself this year. Goals that are not only personal, but goals pertaining to my two businesses, too.
  • I want to reach out to friends that I haven’t talked to in a long time. I want to reach out to distant relatives as well and get to know them better and their families. I want to reach into my ancestry more and discover more about that area of my heritage.
  • I’d also love to reach my toes this year – which means I’d love to incorporate a daily exercising routine. Hahaha! Maybe by the end of the year I can touch my toes without bending my knees! Ha!
  • Reach also means that I want to come to that place in my heart and mind where I find that balance on what is important in my life. Reaching that place and being at peace with it this year is important to me.

Do you pick a OLW every year? If so, I’d love to hear what your word is and why it is important to you. Happy New Year, sweet blog friends! Here’s to a blessed New Year for you and your families!

Thankfulness & blessings


With today being the last day of November and a month where I spent every day writing down what I am grateful for, I knew I couldn’t let this month go by without talking about this wonderful oil journey that my family and I have been on this year.

This past Summer I wrote a blog post about how my family and I got started on the essential oil journey and how it was blessing us. You can find that post HERE.

Since the day that I said yes to trying the oils, the blessings have kept flowing and the new ways these oils have helped my family and I have been plentiful.

My family and I have been using and loving Young Living oils for about a year and a half now. Not only have they helped us take a more natural approach when treating our everyday ailments (allergies, sleep issues, headaches, belly troubles, etc) I’ve also been able to contribute to our family’s budget, which has been wonderful.

Also, the friendships. Ah, the friendships. The wonderful, kind, sweet and awesome people I have met and continue to meet while being a part of the Lemon Droppers is just amazing. Those friendships have blessed me so much.

Just in case you’re wondering what a Lemon Dropper is – it’s a team of independent distributors that I am a part of and it is a team full of so many amazing, supportive, and encouraging women (and some guys, too)!  We’re blessed with great leadership and so many awesome educational materials and resources. Every day I’m learning something new and every day I am loving this “job” more and more. It’s exciting to set new goals and dream bigger dreams for me and my family. All because of this wonderful journey God placed me on. All because I said yes to something new. The opportunity to share something I am passionate about and financially contribute to my family at the same time, all the while staying home with my children is something I am truly grateful for.

I always just say that I “fell” into the oil business because it really felt like that at the beginning, but as the days have gone by it’s evident to me that it was all God’s plan from the beginning and God’s hand has been on this the whole time. I simply said, “Yes.”

It has been one of the most rewarding experiences to see these oils work in other people’s lives as well and see these oils bless them and their families in the ways that they have blessed my family. I love being a small part of their journey, too.

I’m also so thankful that Young Living is a company that truly and sincerely cares about their customers and their distributors. I’ve seen it first hand  on numerous occasions. I’m also thankful that they are generous not only in the community, but they provide a wonderful compensation plan and offer perks like all-expense paid leadership trips. Another wonderful blessing that I am looking forward to experiencing next year.

I am especially thankful to everyone who has inquired about the oils, purchased the oils from me and told their family and friends about the oils as well. I’m so thankful that YOU are a part of it, too. This year would not be the success it has been without you saying, “yes,” too. :)

Yes, the blessings from this sweet oil journey that I’ve been on have been overflowing this year and my heart is so full of thankfulness. All I had to do was say, “Yes.”