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    Little Artist’s Shelves from Minted

    Well, I’ve been even more quiet than usual around here lately because school just started back for us a couple of weeks ago and we homeschool. I’m now the teacher of a 6th grader, 2nd grader and a pre-Kindergartener. Friends, homeschooling is hard, not going to lie, but you know what helps? Having a super cute homeschooling room to teach and learn in. Yep, it does! After we moved back in April, I have been itchin’ to get our homeschool room all set up because I know that the environment that a child learns in is really important and I wanted to create a fun, colorful and happy atmosphere for my kids to learn in. It also helps the teacher stay a bit more sane if her surroundings are cute and fun, too. Just sayin’. ;)

    Our homeschool room is just an extra bedroom upstairs, but it’s such a blessing to have a separate area to go to to separate school life from home life. I really think that if you are going to homeschool – you need that separation. At least that is what I have found works best for my family.

    I decorated our homeschool room with a bunch of the same things from our other homeschool room in our old home, but there were a couple of new additions this time and one of those I’m super excited to tell you all about.

    This year I hung the super cute new Little Artist Shelves from Minted in our homeschool room. I had the perfect spot for them on this wall that I really had nothing else for besides our new little chalkboard that was the other new addition to our room this year.

    Y’all, these shelves are the perfect addition to our homeschool room. I’m a bit obsessed with them. Ok, A LOT obsessed with them. They are relatively new at Minted and they come in four different colors (white, natural, soft gray and whitewash) and I just love the look of them. They also come in three different sizes – 2ft, 3ft and 4ft. The shelves have a ledge where you can display items directly on them and then there is a wire with little clips where you can hang and display your child’s artwork as well. It’s just the best of both worlds and so perfect in this spot.

    For our homeschool room, I went with the white shelves and I got all three sizes because I love how they stacked them like this on the Minted website (see photo below), so that’s exactly how I got my husband to install them in the room. Super simple, right?

    Once again, just like every other time that I’ve received something from Minted, my order was packaged meticulously. I’m always so nervous to order big items online because you just never know how they will be packaged, but Minted has always gone above and beyond when it comes to making sure that everything I receive arrives in impeccable condition. I love that and really appreciate that!

    Any time I get a package with “minted” on it, I get a bit excited. See how great they packaged each shelf?

    Each one came with all of the hardware needed to install it  – my husband was super appreciative of that! ;) They were easy to hang and look so cute!

    Disclaimer: My husband did NOT want to make an appearance on my blog, but he’s just the cutest and I’m just so thankful that he’s always receptive when I say (for the hundredth time), “let’s hang this on the wall.” ;)

    I love the feel these shelves give the room.

    Do you know how excited my kids got when I decorated the shelves with lots of their favorite things and with their drawings, too? You guys, they just beamed with pride and giggled at it all and I loved every bit of it.

    I can’t emphasis enough how important it is to hang up your kids’ artwork or even that test that they’re so proud of that they studied really hard for. It really stirs something inside of a child to see their artwork displayed as a masterpiece because it IS a masterpiece and when we take the time to display it (no matter where we do) it means something to them. When we take the time to intentionally show our children that what they do matters and how proud we are of them, it will empower them to keep striving for more and to keep giving it their all.

    I think that’s what I love most about these shelves – it’s almost like there is a little museum of my kids’ current favorites on this wall and it makes me smile every time I look at it.

    It’ll be fun to switch things around from time to time, add more artwork, add a new favorite book we’re reading and continue to enjoy looking at all of the bits and pieces on these shelves. Having some shelves like these would be a great addition to, not only your homeschool room, but even a playroom or bedroom. Love how versatile they are and how fun and cute they look! 

    So I’m giving these Little Artist Shelves two thumbs up for sure and I know that my kids would agree. After all, who doesn’t need a little museum of all of their favorites to see every day? You totally should create a little museum of your own, friends and be sure to fill it up with all of your kids’ masterpieces. It’ll make their day and give you all something to giggle & smile about.

    I’m so thankful for this room to teach in and for these shelves that make our learning environment even that much more fun.

    This teacher needs all of the help she can get. ;)

    Here’s to a great school year, friends!


    Disclosure: Minted sent me the Little Artist Shelves to review, but all opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own. Some affiliate links are included in this blog post.  Thank you so much for supporting One Happy Mama.