Lists with Friends: 9

In honor of my daughter’s 3rd Diaversary yesterday (3 years since her diabetes diagnosis) I am going to make a list of all of the places I’ve found a used test strip. Garage floor Lint catcher in dryer Stuck to the bottom of my shoe Makeup bag Kitchen sink Under Caylin’s bed My purse in almost every nook and cranny Cup holder in the car Read More »

Dear Diabetes


Dear diabetes, It has been three years to the day since you came into our lives. I can still remember so vividly my daughter lying on the hospital bed in the emergency room that day and how pale, sick and scared she looked. I was terrified & heart-broken. Overwhelmed by information, sadness & worry – the first few days after the diagnosis was a blur Read More »

Spare a Rose – Save a Child


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to take a minute to bring to attention something very heart-breaking that is happening around the world. Right now, if you come to my house and open up my refrigerator you will see a few months’ supplies of insulin in our butter compartment. It’s there and often times – I don’t really SEE it until I Read More »

STICK IT TO DIABETES sticker drive: Update


Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you an update on Caylin’s, Stick it to Diabetes” sticker drive. The outpouring of kindness and stickers has been SO wonderful! In the couple of months since we started, Caylin already has a good-sized rubbermaid bin of stickers and we couldn’t be happier! She LOVES to get the stickers in the mail and put them in the bin! Read More »

Hello there, Jerry!


Caylin got a pretty big surprise on Christmas morning. Her Jerry the Bear was delivered a couple of days before Christmas and so we wrapped him up and put him under the tree and she was SO excited when she upwrapped him. She shouted, “Jerry?!?! I thought I wasn’t getting him until the Spring!!” You see, the bear was backordered until the Spring, but somehow Read More »