Caylin’s Cure Fundraiser Prize Winners


I’m so happy to update you all on our Caylin’s Cure Jerry the Bear fundraiser that Caylin and I did last month to celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month and to give back! While we didn’t reach our goal of $2799 for 10 bears, we did raise half of the money needed and so we were able to purchase 5 bears! We are so excited to donate […]

It’s really not that scary.


“It’s really not that scary.” Those are the words that my sweet 8-year-old daughter wrote on a piece of paper when she was asked what she would tell a newly diagnosed child with Type 1 Diabetes. I remember watching her draw the little person with a smiley face (her) and reading the words she wrote and holding back my tears. What a brave girl I […]

Caylin’s Cure Fundraiser: Help Us Buy 10 Jerry the Bears!


November is Diabetes Awareness Month and throughout the month I will be posting some information about Type 1 diabetes and also some glimpses into our lives as we manage our daughter’s diabetes. I thought this month would also be a great time to do something to give back and so I talked with Caylin and we both agreed that it would be so much fun […]

Help Jerry the Bear!


You all might have seen a bit about Jerry the Bear back a bit when Caylin was raising money to purchase it by selling original pieces of her own artwork. Well, since then – Jerry has been a beloved part of our family and we are so thankful for the awesome folks who have poured their hearts into this bear to help kids who have […]

Lists with Friends: 9

In honor of my daughter’s 3rd Diaversary yesterday (3 years since her diabetes diagnosis) I am going to make a list of all of the places I’ve found a used test strip. Garage floor Lint catcher in dryer Stuck to the bottom of my shoe Makeup bag Kitchen sink Under Caylin’s bed My purse in almost every nook and cranny Cup holder in the car […]