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    30 Days of Gratitude: Day 30


    For the last couple of years I’ve done a “30 Days of Gratitude” during the month of November and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m doing it again this year and I would love it if you would join me. :)

    Answer this question: What if you woke up today and all you had in your life was what you thanked God for yesterday? What would your life look like?

    Isn’t that a pretty profound question? Makes you think! So the entire month of November, take a bit of time to either blog, write down or even just thank God in prayer for the things that bless your life every day. It’s important.

    Here’s what I’m grateful for today in no particular order:

    • My bestie, Nichole
    • Apple products (they are so cool)
    • The heat in my car
    • Milkshakes from Steak-n-shake
    • Di-Gize
    • All of my sweet blog readers (thank YOU)

    What are YOU thankful for today?

    I hope you all enjoyed this little month of gratitude and that you also kept note of what you are thankful for every day. It’s a good habit to have not just every day in November, but every day period.

    Have a blessed day! XOXO!