Project Life Tuesday


Happy Project Life® Tuesday! :)

I hope you all are having a great week so far!

Today I’m excited because I’m using the AWESOME December OHDEERMEKIT on my pages! If you’ve been reading my blog, you know how much I just LOVE these kits and how excited I am that I actually get to work with them every month. Well, December’s kit is just so, so cute! I just love everything in the kit. You can see more about December’s OHDEERME kit from Freckled Fawn HERE and also get more information on how you can sign up to get this kit every month! It’s one you DON’T want to miss! So if you are wanting to be a part of a super great kit club every month for the new year – this is the one. Seriously! Ack! SO cute! ;)

Here are my pages for this week:


Here’s a shot of the entire Project Life® spread.


Closeup of the left side. For these pages I used DESIGN A page protectors and an 8.5×11 page protector for an insert that was by Dalee. It was just an old page protector leftover from my traditional scrapbooking days. So happy I kept them all and can use them as inserts throughout my album here and there. :)


Here’s my sweet Luke! 4×6 card is from the HONEY kit and the date stamp is Project Life® and that sweet epoxy sticker is in the OHDEERME kit for December! I love that camera with the heart in it. So sweet!


Speaking of that camera with the heart in it that I love – it’s actually also in the stamp set that comes in the kit! Yippeeeeee! I took a pink copic marker and just colored that heart in. I think I could stamp a hundred of those little cameras and still not be sick of them. Too cute! Oh, and can you tell Jack likes my washi tape, too? ;) I think that 4×6 card is from the Seafoam kit.


I wanted to put that little “I love you Mommy” that Caylin wrote to me in my pages this week. SO sweet. She’s got the biggest heart and left this for me on my desk. I stuck it on a 3×4 card from the HONEY kit. The 4×6 card below that is from the SEAFOAM kit and the super-de-duper cute arrow paperclip is in the December OHDEERME kit, too! Ack! I LOVE those! I have so many in all of the colors and I just get giddy looking at them! You can buy them HERE. You need some. No, I’m serious. You do. Ask for some in your stocking or something. ;) The washi tape was in the kit too and so was that little blue gem next to the date. :)


This is the front of the 8.5×11 insert. This is one of Caylin’s original artwork pieces that she was selling to raise money for the diabetes bear she wanted. A sweet lady purchased a print, but asked if Caylin could make her a rainbow that was portrait instead of landscape so Caylin did and I was happy to be able to keep this one in my album. So happy I have one. I just love this rainbow. Makes me so happy and it’s a great addition to the story that I told on the left side of these pages about what she did to raise money on her own. :)


Here’s the back of the insert. This is from a video we made together for Diabetes Awareness Month in November. She made a video saying that she wanted to be a dancer and an artist and “diabetes won’t stop me!” She made this “I CAN DO THIS” sign and I love it. Get a bit choked up when I see it and knew I wanted to keep it. She CAN do it and she IS. Proud of my girl. ;)


Here’s the right side. :) Definitely included my Right Now card for the week!


Jack had been doodling here and there on my dry erase board I use for school and on this day I gave him a 3×4 grid card to draw on and he drew the CUTEST smiley! It was his first one and I was so glad he drew it on the card! LOL! It was perfect! A Project Life® miracle! Ha! ;) Then he proceeded to draw another one on the dry erase board and I took a photo of it. I’m a dork like that! ;)


See. Told you I did! LOL! Isn’t it just the cutest? Sigh. LOVE it. Those cute wooden stars are the from OHDEERME kit, too!


That sweet snowflake epoxy sticker is from the OHDEERME Kit and that snowflake in the middle of the photos – well that is also from the kit. It’s a beautiful flocked snowflake brad! I just cut off the brad prongs and adhered it to the photo. Voila!

Well, that does it for today! I just LOVE getting these kits every month and I love how they can be used in so many ways – whether you’re a cardmaker – Project Lifer or a traditional scrapbooker – there are tons of things in every kit that are so cute and fun to use! The other cool thing is I always have a lot left over so I can make some cards and decorate some Christmas gifts, too! Score! ;)

I hope you have a great Tuesday! Sending you all BIG hugs!   

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Project Life Tuesday

Hi there!

As you know, today is Project Life® Tuesday and usually I have pages to share, but with the craziness of the holidays and the fact that I am a couple of weeks behind on my Project Life® (gasp!) I don’t have any of my OWN pages to share today, but I did want to leave you all with some Project Life® inspiration so I’m linking up to some of my most favorite Project Lifers so that you can check out their work if you haven’t already!

I will hope to be back next week with some of my own Project Life® pages!

Ok, so there are SO many awesome Project Lifers out there and TONS of inspiration so it’s hard to just list a few here, but here it goes. Some of my all-time favorite Project Lifers:

Amanda Caves


I just love how Amanda’s pages all flow so beautifully. She takes great photos (has the cutest two boys) and her pages always look flawless.

Nichole Duenke


I just love Nichole’s Project Life® style. She uses so many bits and pieces on her pages and I love the amount of photos she includes and how she uses small pictures! So cute and her handwriting is AMAZING. :) Her little boys are so cute and I love the way she plans out her pages. You can read more about that on her blog!

Rebecca Cooper


Rebecca’s work is ALWAYS beautiful. I’m a big fan of her work for sure! I love how soft and pretty her pages look and she has wonderful digital products that she designs and adds to her album! She does really awesome mini-albums as well! So much inspiration on her blog!

Jessica Turner


Jessica is great and I love how she posts her pages every Tuesday, too! I usually link up over on her blog, The Mom Creative and if you go there every Tuesday you’ll see links to A LOT of awesome Project Life® inspiration. I love how she uses so many different page protectors each week! Super cute pages and she has two super cute kiddos! There are a lot of layers to her pages usually and I love that! She’ll use different page protectors and is great at adding memorabilia, too!

Kelly Purkey


Everything Kelly creates is super cool. I love how she documents her life in photos and I love the way she incorporates stamping into her pages. I am trying to do more of that. Kelly has an awesome line of scrapbook products at Simon Says Stamp HERE. You should totally check them out.

Tracy Larsen


I love how clean and simple Tracy’s pages always are! So inspiring and lovely! I love her templates HERE, too! She has these awesome NEW 20×20 templates that she just created that I love! So creative! Love how she resized them and added them to her album!

Elise Blaha Cripe


Elise’s style is very cool. I love the sweet photos of her new daughter and I love how she includes herself in so many photos. I REALLY need to do that more. She’s so creative and has a wonderful blog HERE where you can see more of her fabulous pages and other cool things she creates!

Leena Loh


I am ALWAYS amazed by Leena’s work! Her style is really the exact opposite of mine and I think that is why I am so drawn to her Project Life® pages! I wish I could use embellishments like her! The way she adds stamping, embellishments and photos to her pages is just amazing. Just goes to show you how versatile Project Life® is. You can use NO embellishments, some embellishments or a lot of embellishments and get great results each time! Leena takes great photos and I love her craft space!

Well, I’m sure I could go on and on, but I’ll end it there. I hope that sharing the above Project Lifers with you guys helped spread a bit of inspiration with you today even though I wasn’t able to finish up my own pages to share. Sometimes you just have to roll with it ya know. ;)

I hope you are all having a great week! Thanks so much for stopping by! Now to find some time to get caught up on my pages! ;)


Project Life Tuesday


Happy Project Life® Tuesday! :)

Can you all believe that it’s already December 3rd? Crazy how fast this year has flown by and I’m SO glad that I almost have an entire year documented via Project Life®! Yippeeeee!

I’m a little late this morning, but here are my pages that I’m sharing this week.


I kept it super simple this week. Let’s face it, I normally do, but just been playing a bit of catch up and just love how I can journal a bit, slip the photos in and be done with it and it still come out cute AND gets the job done. ;)

Used DESIGN A page protectors like I normally do and some goodies from the HONEY, JADE and BLUSH kits along with a card from the GIRL theme pack of cards.


Also used some letter stickers by Kelly Purkey (found HERE) and some random stickers and the Project Life® date stamp and day of the week stickers.







Of course I included a “Right Now” card like I always do and the photo collage of Luke’s 3 month photoshoot (template from HERE).

That does it! ;)

This is my last month on the Project Life® creative team and although it is bittersweet, I’m so thankful for having the opportunity this past year to share Project Life ® with so many people! I am so excited for the next creative team because I know they are going to LOVE it and I promise to keep on posting Project Life® Tuesday on my blog every week. :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a great day!

I’m linking up with my friend, Jessica at her blog, The Mom Creative HERE, too! 

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30 Days of Gratitude: Day 27


For the last couple of years I’ve done a “30 Days of Gratitude” during the month of November and I’ve really enjoyed it. I’m doing it again this year and I would love it if you would join me. :)

Answer this question: What if you woke up today and all you had in your life was what you thanked God for yesterday? What would your life look like?

Isn’t that a pretty profound question? Makes you think! So the entire month of November, take a bit of time to either blog, write down or even just thank God in prayer for the things that bless your life every day. It’s important.

Today I am grateful for:

  • The cute things my kids say that make me laugh and smile
  • Having that burp cloth handy ;)
  • Christmas music
  • Canvases
  • Comfort food
  • Prayer

What are YOU thankful for today?

Project Life Tuesday


Happy Project Life® Tuesday! :)

I honestly don’t have much to show today if you can believe that! Ha! Shocking, I know! ;) I’m just keeping it real. :) I’ve been playing catch up on some other things and my poor Project Life® has been neglected. I thought I’d show you something that I did finish up the other day though – an updated page of Luke’s album for his first three months. I just wanted to show how easy it is to stay up-to-date when it comes to the baby album and the baby stats! It’s just so neat to flip through Luke’s album and already see how much he’s grown and changed and even some things that I’ve forgotten that he did! It’s neat!

Here’s one of the monthly pages completed in his album:



See? Super easy! I used DESIGN A page protectors and also the Baby Edition. So I took a small break from my family Project Life® pages this past week, but I’ll be back next week to share more of those pages!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a blessed day!

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