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    Luke is 3


    My sweet Luke turned 3 recently and so a little photoshoot and questionnaire was in order. I love taking time on the kids’ birthday especially to capture them in photos and with a little list of questions that give an insight to what they love at the moment & so I’m happy to have documented this about Luke on his special day.

    What’s your name? Luke Oliver Proffitt.

    How old are you? 3

    When is your birthday? I don’t know, yesterday?

    How old is Mama? You’re 3, too.

    What’s your favorite color? Green.

    What’s your favorite food? Chips, dip and rice!

    Who is your best friend? You and Jack and Caylin and Daddy.

    What is your favorite show? Blaze and the Monster Machine

    What is your favorite movie? Lego Batman movie

    What is your favorite song? “Unstoppable” (he then proceeded to sing it) – it’s by TobyMac

    What is your favorite animal? Puppy.

    What are you afraid of? Ghosts.

    What makes you happy? (he points to me). Awwwwwww!

    Where is your favorite place to go? Target!

    What do you want to be when you grow up? An old man!

    What’s Mama’s favorite thing to do? Hug & kiss

    What does love mean? (he pointed to me again). :)

    I just love my sweet Lukie. What a blessing he is! Hard to believe three years flew by so quickly. Thanking the Lord for such a sweet, loving and adorable little guy. I’m blessed to be his Mama.

    Have a wonderful Monday, friends! XO!

    (Digital photo template used by my friend, Tracy. You can find her awesome templates HERE)