Project Life Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I kept these pages SUPER simple, but guess what – that’s the beauty of Project Life – even simple is CUTE and well – it’s done! :-D

Here are my page shares for today!


Today I’m using my go-to DESIGN A page protectors, cards from the High Five Collection – it’s official – I’m obsessed with that kit. My friend, Lili Niclass is a designing GENIUS!


Here’s the left side. Super simple, like I said. Just cards, photos, journaling, date stamp and my handy-dandy-love-of-my-scrapbooking-life … the tiny attacher. Tim Holtz, I love you!


A close up look at the left side. I am SO happy that I am remembering to get IN the photographs more. Come on, Mamas! DO IT. I know it’s not always easy and most of the time we don’t have any makeup on, but our kids will cherish those photos! We must document us WITH our kids. So do it! Got it?! Selfies with your kids are super easy to do!


Totally just added a super simple digital brush from Ali to this photo. LOVE. I need more. :)


Another selfie alert! Luke loves to take them with me. Afterwards he’ll go, “I SEE! I SEE” which means he wants to see the photo we took! ;)


Have a little 8.5×11 page protector insert this week. Since it fell on Father’s Day, I kept this sweet handmade card that Caylin made for Michael. It’s just precious.


Here’s the right side. :)


Just some every day moment photos and journaling. :)


Hey look – another photo of myself! Goodness, I got carried away on this spread! Hahahaha! Of course I’ve got the Right Now card in there, too!


A page spread wouldn’t be complete without using my friend Tracy’s digital photo template. LOVE! I totally messed the stamping of the date up, but just went with it. Life is not perfect and neither is my stamping. That’s FOR SURE! Ha! ;)

Well, there it is! My page shares for today! I hope you are having a great week, friends!

  • To find out more about Project Life, head on over to Becky Higgins’ blog HERE. You can purchase the Confetti Edition that I designed at Becky Higgin’s site HERE and over at Simon Says Stamp as well HERE. Also, check your local scrapbook stores, too! Yipppeeeeeeeeee!

Currently loving #1


Hi friends!

I thought it would be fun to do a “currently loving” post every couple of weeks or so just to list some things that I’ve come across that I’m loving. I always love seeing what other bloggers have come across that they are loving and so hopefully you’ll get a kick out of these!

1. Super cute kid apps by Sago Mini

These apps are seriously THE CUTEST. From the graphics to the colors to the super hilarious things the characters do (just a heads up – some burping and/or tooting might be involved from time to time, LOL) – these apps are a favorite of my kids. We have almost all of them and will definitely be buying more in the future.

2. This polka dotted notebook from Walmart.

I’ve clearly got a thing for black and white, polka dots and pops of color. Oh, and notebooks OF COURSE! ;)



3. YouTube videos by Amy Tan.

If you haven’t watched any yet – get over there and get to watching! She always makes me want to drop everything I’m doing and just craft! You can find them HERE.

4. Young Living Gentle Baby essential oil. This oil is amazing. I just recently started to put it on my face and it makes it SOOOOO soft. It’s back in stock, too! Yay!


5. The latest Freckled Fawn kit. It’s not out just yet, but here is a sneak peek at it. I’ve got my hands on it and I’m telling you – Freckled Fawn just knocks it out of the park! SUPER cute! Eeeeeek! I can’t wait to find some time soon to create!


There you have it! Some things I’m currently loving! :) I hope you have a great weekend! If there’s something you’re currently loving, I’d love for you to let me know!

Right Now Challenge: Week 30

Happy Friday, friends!

You know, I wasn’t going to have anything to post today for my “Right Now” list, but thankfully my kids always come through for me and just a bit ago both Caylin and Jack said something that was THE sweetest and so I’m glad to have a place where I can jot them down so I don’t forget. Right Now Challenge for today was saved! ;)

  • Caylin: “You know Mama, God can use me in a small way, but it can make a big difference.” AMEN to THAT my girl. I love her so.
  • Jack: “Every morning when I wake up I think, “I can’t wait to hug you Mama!” Awwwwwww! I know. He’s my little love.

Anyway – so that’s what I have for today and although it’s only two things and they happened earlier today, I’m SO glad that I’ve got them written down here on my little blog. Makes me happy and feels good. I love going back and reading these. One of my most favorite ways to document life. You should be doing it if you aren’t already. ;)

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend ahead!

Project Life Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Popping in to share this week’s Project Life pages with you! Today I skipped ahead one week because I wanted to share how I used the July Elle’s Studio monthly kit on my pages. I’ll go back and share the previous weeks’ pages with you all next week. ;)

Ok, so let’s get started! ;) Here’s the double-page spread. Once again I’m using DESIGN A page protectors (my go-to page protectors) and I’m using cards from the July kit.


Here’s a shot of the left side.


This little vellum like embellishment piece with “THE BEST” on it was perfect to staple alongside this 4×6 photo. I used a digital template by my friend Tracy Larsen to create the photo collage in a snap.


This silly photo collage was made on my Mac with iPhoto. It was TOO funny not to print out and include. The “good times” die cut is a piece in the July kit as well. This photo shoot was definitely a good time! ;)


This little red banner is also a piece in the kit. I just stapled it simply onto the photo and put a little message on it.


I love including little pieces of artwork or writing from my kids and Jack took a blank 3×4 Project Life card from Becky Higgins and drew one of his famous monsters on it. He wanted me to slip it into this week’s spread so I was happy to oblige him. I just love it! Oh, and yep – Luke is climbing things now. Lord, help me.


The round “hello JULY” is a die cut from the piece and once again a simple staple with my beloved tiny attacher and it gives the photo a little something extra. The “Summer is my favorite” is a digital brush from Liz Tamanaha. LOVE adding those onto my photos now. I’m a bit obsessed. ;)


This beautiful watercolor 3×4 card is also in the kit. I wanted to try something a bit different so I took a piece of polka dotted vellum that I had and cut it to size to cover the card.


Here’s a better picture so you can see them overlapping.


Then I just placed it on top of the card and placed it in the pocket. I loved how it gave the card a subtle, sweet look. It’s a great way to add just a bit give a photo or card a different look!


Here’s the right side of the two-page spread.


The 4×6 card at the bottom is in the July kit as well and I just stamped the date on it, also adhered the round “week end” die cut (also from the kit) onto it and then wrote my journaling. I drew an arrow on the card just to point to the two photos above, which is what my journaling is about. ;)


The “love this” acrylic piece was a free gift that you got if you were one of the first 150 kit purchasers. I just love it. I adhered it to the photo of my husband in his new truck and then also added the “hip hip hooray” banner to the photo as well! I’m super excited to have a truck in the family again. ;)


This 4×6 card is in the kit as well. I adhered a 2×2 photo to it, along with the “around here” die cut that’s from the kit, too. A date and some journaling and voila! Done! ;)


Lastly, I love the Fourth of July elements in the kit and so I knew I just had to use the fireworks 3×4 card that I loved and I also used the “summers are for:” 3×4 card by adhering a 2×2 photo to it and then dating it, adding some acrylic stars (that you can get at Elle’s Studio, too HERE) and then a bit of journaling. Super simple and fast!


Well, those are my page shares for today! I hope you are having a great day! If you want to learn more about how to get the July monthly kit from Elle’s Studio – you can go HERE. Looks like they’re not sold out yet, but I bet they will be soon! Once they’re gone – they’re gone!

Have a great rest of the day, friends!!

  • To find out more about Project Life, head on over to Becky Higgins’ blog HERE. You can purchase the Confetti Edition that I designed at Becky Higgin’s site HERE and over at Simon Says Stamp as well HERE. Also, check your local scrapbook stores, too! Yipppeeeeeeeeee!


A Week In The Life: You in?

I am SUPER excited about getting the Ali Edwards A Week in the Life kit in the mail on Saturday. I’ve resisted the urge to do it in the past thinking that I just wasn’t disciplined enough to keep it up the entire week, but gave in this year and because the older I get – the more I realize just how important these moments are and they every day ones are my most favorite. This is going to be the perfect way to document our life in the here and now! I have a feeling that I am going to love the end result! ;)

Here’s what comes in her awesome kit:


It’s really going to look so cute and and I love how the embellishments are classic and simple so that the photos and journaling can be the main focus. There’s such a cool assortment of goodies in the kit and my most favorite thing is the 6×8 binder that I chose with the kit:


I just love it! There are two binders that you can choose from and both are really cute, but this one just was more my style and spoke to me. I am a big obsessed with black and white. ;)

Anyway, you can go and order the kit HERE and find out more details on Ali’s blog HERE. Are you participating next month? I’d love to hear if you are and if you’ve done it before – what you’ve taken away from it.

Hope you are having a great start to the week!