Project Life Tuesday

Happy Project Life Tuesday!

I hope you all are having a great week so far! Here are my page shares for today – oh and I am using goodies from the March OHDEERME embellishment kit from Freckled Fawn as well on this week’s page spread. :)


I used DESIGN A page protectors for both pages and then a 5×7 page protector (I just LOVE these) and also a standard 8.5×11 page protector. Those seem to be the three I usually use the most, along with DESIGN I for Instagram photos.


Here’s the left side. :)


The washi tape is from the kit and I love how easy and fast it is to just whip on a quick strip of washi tape and it just adds a bit of texture and design to a very simple photo and card. Easy cheesy!


This photo template is from my friend Tracy (yep, I used her templates A LOT and can’t say enough great things about them. They are awesome! Get ya some) and the triangle epoxy sticker and little round smiley button sticker are both from the OHDEERME kit as well. :) Super cute!


The little round “J” sticker on the photo of Jack is from the kit, as is the “hip hip hooray” stamp! LOVE how easy it is to use stamps on Project Life cards to spiffy them up a bit! Also, I just love to say “hip hip hooray!” Hahahaha! Cute!


Here’s a close up of that stamp. :)


The yellow puffy letter stickers aren’t in the kit, but you can purchase them as an add-on or just directly from the Freckled Fawn website HERE. There are LOTS of colors to choose from! LOVE them!


In the 5×7 page protector – I just slipped in this sweet “thank you” card from the folks at the diabetes clinic for the bears and stickers.


The 8.5×11 page protector has a little coloring sheet that Luke colored. Seems like I’ve kept one from each child when they first started to color and so I wanted to keep one of Luke’s, too. I just put a white label sticker on it (folder it over), dated it, stapled it and put a little info on it. Done!


Here’s the right side. :)


The gold glittered “today” is from the kit. :)


Caylin added some sweetness to that above Project Life card so I was sure to include it as well. :) Oh, and that little round, heart acrylic piece is from LAST month’s OHDEERME kit, but just had to include it. :)


This vellum arrow is from the kit as well. Super easy to add as a simple accept piece (who doesn’t need an arrow every now and then?) and I just stapled it on quickly.


Lastly, the little red glittered “love” piece is also from the kit. So sweet and appropriate for that journaling card. :)

I kept it all super simple (as usual). I used cards from the Kiwi, Super Cute, Seafoam and Honey editions!

There you have it! Hope you have a great day!

Make it a good one! XOXO!


  •  To find about more about Project Life, head on over to Becky Higgins’ blog HERE.

Four years

Four year ago today.

That’s when Type 1 diabetes became more than just some disease that I knew of vaguely. It crashed into our lives and honestly left us shocked, heart-broken and sad – not to mention a bit terrified.

I would be lying if I said that today, four years later, I don’t still have some of those feelings from time to time. I do. Nowadays they’ll hit me all of a sudden usually taking me by surprise. They even take my breath away from time to time, if even for a brief moment.

Sometimes I look at Caylin and I forget she has Type 1 diabetes. Not because I’m naive or in denial, but because honestly she doesn’t let it define her and at only 9-years-old, that’s remarkable to me.

So many times even I let things get the best of me. Things that aren’t nearly even as hard to deal with as what she goes through on a daily basis, yet she always handles it with such grace, determination and bravery. I admire that so much, so today I will not let worries or sadness overcome me.

This 4 year anniversary blog post isn’t sad, depressing or scary simply because 4 years into this – it’s not any of those things. There are moments scattered here and there and trying times and tears and still an occasional “why me, Mama?” but more than ALL of those things combined there is joy, there is a strong-will, there is her resiliency. The happiness that she exudes even in the smallest ways like trying to make her brother laugh when he’s worried about her hurting as she gets a shot of insulin or praying a sweet, quiet prayer that she hopes her brothers never have to go through what she goes through – is my daily reminder that life is so much more than our difficulties. We choose to concentrate on the goodness of it all, on the blessings, on the victories despite the trials. She is a healthy and happy typical 9-year-old girl and for that I am so very thankful. I praise God for that daily.

So today, just like the past 3 years, we will use today to celebrate Caylin’s life and her bravery. She’ll get a trip to Toys R Us (that’s always on her to-do list) she’ll get doughnuts (because YES diabetics CAN have sweets, too) and I’m sure there will be lots of giggles and smiles throughout the day.

She is my hero.

My giggling, smiling, heart as big as the moon hero and THAT is something to celebrate.

March OHDEERME Kit Reveal

The March OHDEERME Embellishment kit from Freckled Fawn was revealed yesterday and yep – once again it’s FULL of goodies that I was just “oooooohing” and “ahhhhhhing” about as I opened it up!

Here’s a shot of everything in the kit:  


The pouch is SO adorable! Love the “confetti triangles” that are sprinkled all over the pouch! LOVE!

Now to talk about what’s INSIDE the pouch! Eeeeek! These vellum arrows are really cute! I love how versatile they are! Arrows can be uses for so much and love that they are light-weight. Perfect for my Project Life pages!

I love these epoxy triangle stickers. They colors are just so bright and fun and once again – perfect for so many projects – whether it’s Project Life, cards or even traditional scrapbook pages. Great for planners, too!

These die cut cards are SO cute! You can even use the letters that you punch out from them for something, too!

Love every single washi tape that I’ve gotten in my kit every month and this one is no exception! Love how unique and cool they are and I love me some washi!  

This clear acrylic stamp is just SO cute! Love the whimsical fonts and cute coordinating graphics!   Eeeeeek!

These wooden word arrows are so cute, too!

These glitter words are really awesome, too! I love how each kit comes with some unique – never seen before – embellishments! Who doesn’t need more glitter in their life, too? ;)

It’s hard to choose a favorite thing in the kit, but I think if I had to – these button stickers would be it! I just love the cute graphics on them and the colors with the wooden element is just so cute!

I also love these alphabet stickers. Perfect size to use on my photos and journaling cards in Project Life, but can be used for so much more, too. Love the typewriter font as well!

These cork tags are great, too! Super unique and versatile! I think that’s the them of every OHDEERME kit – super cute, super unique and super versatile! I really think it’s important to have a good mix of things in a kit and these never disappoint!

So there you have it – March’s OHDEERME Embellishment Kit from Freckled Fawn. Check out their website HERE to see more details and sign up to get your own each month. You will LOVE it and be super happy with it! I promise!

I will be showing you how I use the kit on my Project Life pages tomorrow, so be sure to look for that!

Have a great day, everyone! XOXO!

Right Now: Week 9


This week was a super busy week and so I didn’t get much written down, unfortunately, but I did remember this:

  • Jack: “When I grow up, I want to be a kid again, Mama!”

That was too cute. So see, I’m not great about remembering to write down A LOT sometimes, but even that little nugget is too cute and would have been easily forgotten had I not written it down so I’m good with that. ;)

Have a great day! XOXO!

Jerry the Bear Fundraiser: Update

Remember back in November when Caylin and I put on a fundraiser during National Diabetes Awareness Month to try to raise enough money to purchase ten Jerry the Bears to donate to the Vanderbilt Diabetes Clinic that Caylin goes to? Well, I wanted to pop on in and update you all on of that.

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who gave so generously. We raised enough money to purchase 5 Jerry’s, which was wonderful. We didn’t hit our goal of 10, but Caylin and I were both so thankful and excited about what we were able to raise and it was all because of YOU. So THANK YOU. Thank you to the super sweet and generous folks who donated a prize to win as well. You can see all of the prize donors HERE. Please check them out and support them. They are all such wonderful, sweet and kind people (love you all)!


Caylin got her checkup! She is doing great! Her A1C was 6.9. So thankful for that! She is such a brave girl!


Even one of the Jerry’s got on the examination table for his checkup! ;)

Caylin’s 3-month endocrinology appointment was just a couple of weeks ago and so we took the five Jerry the Bears and handed them off to their new home, the Eskind Vanderbilt Diabetes Clinic. They’ll be working with an awesome woman named, Leslie Grissim, who is the Child Life Specialist there. Leslie helps the children there who are newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes learn to cope and adjust through educational activities, psychological preparation, and therapeutic play. Caylin and I both knew that the bears would be perfect there. Leslie was SO grateful for them and some people even popped in to check them out while we were there. The bears even sparked a conversation about Leslie maybe starting to do a toddler class, which is awesome!



We also dropped off the remainder of the stickers that we collected from our “Stick it to Diabetes Sticker Drive.”


Thank you to everyone who donated stickers, too! Caylin and I are both so very thankful for your BIG hearts and generosity! The bears are going to do SO much! I’m just so excited to hear about how many lives they touch and how they help educate diabetic children and their siblings. I think they’re even going to be hanging out at the Summer Camp, too! How fun!

So thank you again. You guys are awesome and I thank you for opening your wallets and your heart to help Caylin and I make a difference in the lives of children living with Type 1 Diabetes. Giving you all a BIG virtual hug!

Have a great day! Make it a good one! XOXO!