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40 things at 40

So I just turned 40, friends and instead of making some list that talks about things that I want to do in my lifetime or even in this first year of my 40s, I decided instead to write a list of 40 things that I’m grateful for right this very moment. 

I’m so very thankful that this list was easy to compile. Another trip around the sun and more life to live and be thankful for. 

Now let’s get to that list, shall we?

• God’s love for me.

• My health

• My sweet, precious children

• My husband, who not only makes me laugh, but supports me, makes me feel safe and has shown me a love like I’ve never known

• Being able to homeschool my children

• Photographs

• Young Living (their oils, their products, the business + the community. Finding that passion again and helping people)

• Creative time

• The mountains of East Tennessee

• BIG dreams

• My kids’ laugh

• Hugs

• Healing of relationships

• Worship music

• Documenting life

• The color yellow

• Rainy days + thunderstorms (not the severe kind) 

• The opportunity to share Jesus’ love

• Insulin

• Helping people

• Our home (no matter where it is)

• The health of those that I love

• Pico de gallo + chips & salsa

• Dr. Enuf

• God’s Word

• The sky

• Dogs

• Office supplies of any kind, particularly notebooks and Sharpie markers/pens

• Organizing things

• The smell of banana bread

• Shopping for treasures in antique shops

• Empowering other women to follow their dreams

• Spontaneous dance parties

• Cozy, colorful socks

• My kids’ artwork

• Trees

• Technology (most of the time)

• Hot baths/showers

• My husband’s smile

• Prayer

Here’s to 40.

A new year of memories, struggles, laughs, tears, hopefully some more blog posts than last year (ha!) and lots and lots to be thankful for. 


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