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Week in the Life 2017: Tuesday Words + Photos

Happy Wednesday!

Here is my second day of Week in the Life in photos + words:

8:12 am | Another morning, another smoothie. Making breakfast for me and Michael. Kids are eating the paleo cinnamon muffins leftover from yesterday and Maggie is at my feet barking for a treat.

10:18 am | Luke was super quiet and so I snuck up on him and snapped this. Those curls get me every time.

10:52 am | Saw this drawing of Mario that Jack was working on. Love how he draws people. It’s the sweetest thing.

11:01 am | Since I’ve packed up most of my desk, this has been Caylin’s spot lately. You can find her here creating art or doing her schoolwork. This morning she was doing long-division practice. LOTS of it.

12:08 pm | The lunchtime craziness. The pantry door is always open and looking more bare since we’re trying to eat a bunch of stuff up before we move. Luke is wanting his food, Caylin is checking her blood sugar and Jack is playing with his Lego creation. Maggie is sniffing around the table looking for some crumbs, I’m sure.

12:54 pm | While I was doing school with Caylin, Jack and Luke grabbed Caylin’s baby blanket from her room and decided to “babysit” it. They made it a little bed and everything. It was hilarious! 

2:45 pm | Banana muffins in progress. Chatting

3:26 pm | Chatting with my sweet girl outside on the front porch while it rained. We talked about dinner and moving and she said the welcome mat was really prickly on her feet. She also freaked out because a gnat was flying around her. She didn’t want me to take a picture because a neighbor was driving by, but I did anyway and I’m so glad that I did.

3:53 pm | Crazy car selfie watching for a Culver’s salad to go with our spaghetti that I made for dinner. Ran out of lettuce and decided to take the easy route and grab one through the drive thru. Messy hair, clothes from yesterday, just keeping my head above water.

6:19 pm | Trolls soundtrack dance party and catching some major air.


6:53 pm | Brothers in a bath. They are so loud when they take a bath. So much giggling and sound effects. Love how close they are though and I seriously need a medal for even giving them a bath tonight.

8:05 pm | A nightly routine with Michael and the kids. Hanging out in the bonus room watching some of their favorite shows. They watched some “Word Girl” and then a show called, “The Thunderbirds.” It’s a sweet time that they all love and look forward to, including this Mama who gets a bit of quiet time to herself. Ha!

8:29 pm | Catching up on some of the shows that I love.

8:55 pm | Day 2 of our nighttime hugs and giggles. I just love them.

And that’s a glimpse of our Tuesday, friends. Here’s to a new day and more photos + stories!


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