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Week in the Life 2017: Monday Words + Photos

Hello friends!

Ok, so we have eight days until we move to another state, but y’all – I am doing Week in the Life and really loving it DESPITE the craziness that is going on in our home and around me! Ha! So, every day I am going to post a photo recap on my blog to 1) share with you all the photos that I’ve taken and how my day went and 2) as a spot to keep all of this information together so that when I am moved and settled in a bit, it’ll be SO nice and easy to transfer these photos, times and journling into my album. Score, right?!

So, here’s how Monday went:

6:31am | Up early and of course Maggie is the one that woke me up. Poor girl is old and on medication that makes her extremely thirsty so I’m usually up early to take her out right after she drinks about a gallon of water from her water dish.

6:53 am | Back at it this morning with a workout. Been just exercising sporadically lately and needing to get Monday started off right. Doing a Dirty30 workout. It’s one of my favorites.

7:29 am | Kids up, eating the Paleo cinnamon muffins that Caylin and I made the night before together. It’s a favorite breakfast of theirs. All of them are a bit grumpy this morning.

8:42 am | Jack is all about creating comic books lately. He likes to spread out a lot of stuff on the bonus room floor and create. There are always Fungus Amungus and Legos nearby, too.

8:45 am | Caylin has been at my desk most of the morning creating some “Battle Quest” cards that her and Jack came up with. It’s a some kind of card game that they love playing. Love how they are using their imagination and creativity all of the time. I also love how Caylin has the sheet of paper next to her where she practices writing the words and making sure she’s spelling them right. Shopkins are always around her.

10:10 am | Maggie in a diaper mid-yawn.

10:42 am | Jack and Luke built a “fort” under the homeschool table. They keep making silly faces and noises and keep begging me for another blanket to make it even darker, but they’re all packed up so instead I closed the blinds some more.

11:15 am | Culvers for lunch. It’s close and favorite. Here’s what we always order: 1 large fry, 1 large cheese curd, 1 single butter burger with only mayo, lettuce and mustard and 1 single butter burger with everything on it BUT cheese. The kids always think that’s hilarious because I’m saying, “buttcheese.” Ha! Then we share all of that and don’t eat the buns. We’re going to miss Culver’s when we move.

11:47 am | Chocolate coconut ice cream – a favorite desert. Jack requested a little bit after lunch.

 12:15 pm | A recurring view in our home.

1:08 pm | School with Jack. We went over addition and subtraction, talked about the Ten Plagues (which he thought were cool!) and went over more flashcards and did handwriting practice. He grumbled a lot today and asked me about every 5 minutes if we were done.

2:19 pm | Jack made a super cute Lego robot and Luke just had to be in the photo with him. Ha!

3:05 pm | Checked the mail and got my “Business Boutique” book by Christy Wright. SO excited!

4:16 pm | Caylin doing her math on the whiteboard. We got started a bit late today.

5:32 pm | Hanging out on our screened in porch listening to the rain and thinking about how much I am going to miss it when we move. This is one of my favorite things about the house. Bittersweet.

7:12 pm | Watching a webinar done by my friend, Amber Housely. Love learning from other amazing Mamapreneurs. It was so encouraging and inspiring!

8:25 pm | I’m obsessed with the show, “Long Lost Family.” Michael hangs out with the kids upstairs while I unwind and watch a bit of one of the shows that I’m loving right now. This quiet and show are sooooooo nice.

8:59 pm | Nighttime hugs and giggles.

And there you have it, friends. Monday. My kids and I decided that we’re going to take that same photo EVERY night during this documentation. Thought it would be a cool way to see us in the same setting multiple nights in a row. I’m looking forward to seeing what we capture!

Some things I am going to do a bit differently today – take more horizontal photos and pull our my big camera more. The quality is a bit fuzzy on some of these photos because of the lighting, but I still love this documentation and project. Feeling good going into day 2 and excited to see what I have to document!

Everyday life is soooooooo good. My favorite!

If you are doing Week in the Life as well this week, I hope your first day went great! I’d love for you to leave me a link in the comment section to your day!



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    April 18, 2017 at 1:01 pm

    Love the pics and words! The one of your kiddos around the table is precious. :) Definitely shows the mood.

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      April 18, 2017 at 1:12 pm

      Thank you so much, Allison! :) Yep, they are not morning people like their Mama! ;)

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