Lists with Friends: 9

In honor of my daughter’s 3rd Diaversary yesterday (3 years since her diabetes diagnosis) I am going to make a list of all of the places I’ve found a used test strip.

  • Garage floor
  • Lint catcher in dryer
  • Stuck to the bottom of my shoe
  • Makeup bag
  • Kitchen sink
  • Under Caylin’s bed
  • My purse in almost every nook and cranny
  • Cup holder in the car
  • Floor of the pantry
  • Near the dog dishes
  • Under the rug
  • In the the bathroom drawer
  • On the bottom of a glass

I’m sure I could list many more places I’ve found them, but there you go.

Those little suckers are everywhere! I know that other d-parents can relate! I think they procreate or something! Ha!

Have a Happy Monday, won’t you? Hugs!

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    christinew says

    It is amazing where those things will turn up! Just when you think you have them all found and discarded…there’s another one!

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