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STICK IT TO DIABETES sticker drive: Update



Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give you an update on Caylin’s, Stick it to Diabetes” sticker drive. The outpouring of kindness and stickers has been SO wonderful! In the couple of months since we started, Caylin already has a good-sized rubbermaid bin of stickers and we couldn’t be happier! She LOVES to get the stickers in the mail and put them in the bin! It’s getting SO close to the top!

I just wanted to remind you that if you still want to donate you have until the end of this month. Caylin’s next appointment at the diabetes clinic is in early February, so we wanted to have the big bucket of stickers ready to donate then.

I can’t thank you all enough. Caylin has received so many wonderful and sweet letters and words of encouragement with the sticker donations. They have touched BOTH of our hearts.

Here are some of them:

“Caylin, I’m so proud of your BIG generous heart. So many kids are going to be incredibly happy to get a sticker! You are a brave girl! Keep up the good work in taking care of yourself. As a kid the week before Thanksgiving, my Grandpa always bought me 2 coloring books to enjoy as the adults were making and preparing for dinner. Five years ago my Grandpa went to heaven, but the cool thing is that I get to share his tradition. I put 2 coloring books in here for you to enjoy just as I did as a kid.” Kelli Peterson

“Caylin, I hope these lonely unused stickers bring lots of joy to the kids at the Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Clinic. You championed a great cause!” Judy

“Caylin, thank you for doing this sticker drive. When my son was 3 he had open heart surgery (he’s 11 now) and one of our friends gave him tons of stickers and books. He doesn’t use the stickers anymore and I couldn’t just get rid of them and since I saw your Mom’s post on Facebook, I knew just where all of these should go. Best of luck!” Becky & Joshua

And those are just a few! Thank you! My heart truly is full and we appreciate your donations SO much!

You can read the post about the sticker drive with all of the details HERE. Let me know if you have any questions!

Have a blessed weekend! :)

Keep those stickers coming!!

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