The Adventures of Henry the Elf: Part 3


It’s about time that I post the final installment of The Adventure of Henry the Elf seeing as how it’s already a few days into the new year. ;)

So here you have it – Henry’s last few days of his shenanigans. If you missed the other parts I posted earlier, you can check them out HERE and HERE. Enjoy!

Day 22 (December 20th)


Henry driving the big Mack truck out on the road! ;)

Day 23 (December 21st)


Henry used Caylin’s Hello Kitty dry erase board to remind the kids how many days until Christmas. ;)

Day 24 (December 22nd)


Having a duel with Daffy. ;)

Day 25 (December 23rd)


Oh Henry. There’s nothing in the stockings YET. ;)

Day 26 (December 24th)


Henry reminding us for the REAL reason for the season.

It was a lot of fun. That Henry – he’s a good guy. Looking forward to seeing him again at the end of this year. Hope you’ve enjoyed seeing his adventures. Until next time. ;)


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