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The Adventures of Henry the Elf: Part 2


Hello there!

Henry has been up to his usual silly antics since I wrote about Part 1 of his adventures HERE.

Here’s what he’s been up to lately.

Day 8 (December 6th) IMG_3647

Henry left the kids a good note. Looks like he likes to use Project Life® cards, too! Oh, and Sharpies! ;) 

Day 9 (December 7th)


It took the kids a bit to find him, but they did. Silly Henry. ;)

Day 10 (December 8th)


I think Henry was trying to tell us something. What do you think? ;)

Day 11 (December 9th)


Playing peek-a-boo under the Christmas tree.

Day 12 (December 10th)


Looks like Henry is a gamer. ;)

Day 13 (December 11th)


Henry riding on Rex!

Day 14 (December 12th)


 Henry stopped to smell the roses this morning. ;)

Day 15 (December 13th)


Found Henry hanging out in my studio.

Day 16 (December 14th)


Henry monkeying around on Luke’s playmat!

Day 17 (December 15th)


What a silly guy!

Day 18 (December 16th)


Brrrrrrr! ;)

 Day 19 (December 17th)IMG_3734

Making a new friend in the Christmas tree

Day 20 (December 16th)


Henry is stylin’. ;)

Day 21 (December 17th)


Looks like Henry had a pretty unfortunate encounter with the dragon at the castle.

Well, there you have it! Part 2 of what our elf, Henry, has been up to! It’s been a lot of fun! Follow me on Instagram HERE if you’d like to see daily photos of what he does the rest of his visit!

Next week I’ll post the final chapter in Henry’s 2013 adventures!

Have a great Friday!

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    Katie @ Pick Any Two
    December 22, 2013 at 7:40 am

    That Henry is a silly one! Thanks for some great new ideas for rounding out our Elf on the Shelf adventures over the next few days. :)

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