10 Things – Jack


Now it’s Jack’s turn. :)

Here are 10 things about Jack:

1. You are loud. VERY loud. And you talk non-stop.
2. You still love every superhero imaginable.
3. You love the organic gummy bunnies that you have at lunchtime.
4. You are very afraid of the dark – you even hate driving in the car at night.
5. You are a great big AND little brother.
6. Every morning you wake up to your own soundtrack – you make these web shooting and superhero sounds. I just love it.
7. I love that you want hugs ALL OF THE TIME. So affectionate, you are. Always have been and I hope you always are.
8. You say, “AWESOME!” a lot. :)
9. You are ALWAYS stomping around the house – it’s like a constant marching band up in here.
10. Every day you want to play with your sister and you could play with her ALL day. Unfortunately she doesn’t always feel the same way. ;)

Love you, Bub.

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