Right Now Challenge: Week 21

Happy Friday and Happy Week 21 of the Right Now Challenge! :)

If you’re not sure what the Right Now Challenge is, check out my blog post HERE to read about the challenge and why I started it.

This is what I’ve got this week:

  • Jack put the comforter all around him on our bed and said, “I’m in a rocket ship!” Then he proceeded to push “buttons” and blast off into space.
  • Was just told by Caylin, “Please don’t set any stuff animals on my Barbies, it messes their hair up.” Good to know. ;)
  • Just had a sword fight with Jack and he totally whooped my butt. That kid has got some skills.
  • I asked Jack what was in my belly and he proceeded to say, “A brother.” :) We shall see in a few weeks if he’s right!
  • You be “Princess Lea and I’ll be Darth Vader, ok, Mama?”
  • I told Jack, “I love you Bub Bub” and his response back was, “I love you too, knucklehead.” Ha! Love it. :)

Sweet, sweet times these are. :)

Be sure to write down some moments from your life this week! I challenge you. ;)

Have a blessed day!

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