Caylin’s baby album: Part 1


Remember when I showed you this picture:


Well, I’ve been starting work on redoing my daughter, Caylin’s baby album using the Baby Edition: Her and I am LOVING it. Here are few of the pages I’ve done so far:






I can’t tell you how refreshing and awesome it is to take these important details, stories, photographs and bits & pieces and put them into a these page protectors in a simple, organized way. It was seriously making me giddy! I’ve got all of the layouts organized, getting all of my photographs organized and printed and even recycling some of the embellishments that I used on the layouts and incorporating them onto the pages.

I can’t wait to see this baby book and Jack’s baby book come together so easily and so cohesively. Yay! I’ll be back to share more of her baby album redo project soon!

Have a great day!

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    Emily S says

    Looking good, K!!! I will be following your pages with even greater interest now that I’ll be doing Project Life “Baby Edition” for #2 :)

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    This is amazing !
    I have 4 baby albums to work on (and my older child is now 13….) and I bought all the Baby Editions in hopes that it would make the whole process easier. Looks like it’s going to be way easier to make those albums than traditionnal scrapping, so thanks for sharing and the confirmation that indeed it makes it much more simple. Hope you’ll share more !

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    love love love love!!!! I, too, am starting to put together the girl’s baby books–it is so much fun!!! Love this Project Life system–I get giddy too. Everyone always thinks I am a little bit crazy the way I go on and on about it like an excited puppy….but it IS that cool! Can’t wait to see what else you do. Definitely a few ideas I see in your book I may want to incorporate.

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    Oh you make me want to get started on my kids. My daughter is 18yr and my son is 5yr. This is beautiful and it looks fun. I just hope when I get started I can remember again all the stuff I want to put in theirs. Thanks so much for sharing. I cannot wait to see more!!!
    Hugs! Jen

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    Love this! Totally inspiring me to do Addie’s baby book. She has photo books and a fill in the blank baby book but I know we’d both adore a PL style album.

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    Eileen says

    The new baby album pages are beautiful! I have 3 girls and 1 on the way and am thinking about doing this system for my last 3 girls. Baby girl #1 and my son both have scrapbook albums of the layout kind….so was just wondering why you chose to “do over” your daughter’s album? Are you literally taking apart all those layouts you did? Or are you adding them where you see fit in this new format? I can’t imagine taking apart all those layouts…unless, of course, they are falling apart:)

    Thanks in advance!


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      Kristina says

      Hi Eileen!
      Thank you so much for leaving me a comment and stopping by my blog! You are too sweet! In regards to your question, my daughter’s baby album contained probably about 40 8.5×11 scrapbook pages. I decided to use the Project Life style of memory keeping to redo her album (and to do my son’s album, which was never finished and doesn’t have that many pages, LOL) because to me it’s just a more timeless, classic, simplified and organized way of doing it. So all I did was take those layouts, print out the same photographs, transfer the stories, details, etc. and even reused some of the embellishments from those layouts here and there on my pages. I didn’t feel bad about redoing them because to me, it just made it all more cohesive and more organized and it concentrates less on the paper, embellishments, etc. and more on the stories, photographs, etc. So that’s why I did it! Now if her baby album was hundreds of pages or something like that, I might not have thought about redoing it, but it has been a pretty simple and straight-forward project for me and the outcome has been really rewarding! Looking forward to finishing it up and doing my son’s album the same way! :) Hugs!

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    Nicole says

    Your album is beautiful! Great job! I was wondering if anyone knows the main differences in the mini baby kits versus the core baby kits? I know the obvious is that there are less cards, I just wasn’t sure which ones they took out.
    Thanks so much!

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      Kristina says

      Hi Nicole!

      I haven’t seen the mini baby kits so I asked Becky’s sweet Marketing Director to be sure and here’s what she said:

      First of all, they are the exact same designs as the full kits, just 100 cards instead of 600+. That being said, the main difference is that the mini kits do not have any of the “prompt” cards … just the “general/blank” 3×4 journaling cards and filler cards with ten 4×6 title cards and ten 4×6 journaling cards (all double sided, of course). It is still a great kit and perfect for putting together baby pages, but if someone is looking for the prompts to guide them through completing a full + detailed album from pregnancy through the first year, the full Baby Editions are loaded with prompts to help tell that story.

      Hope that helps! I just LOVE the baby kits! SUPER helpful and beautiful! :)


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