I got the itch…

…to give my blog a softer, more simple look and so that’s just what I did. :-D

Since I’ve been suffering through a cold for the past 6 days (I feel as though I’m at the tail end of it, thank goodness), I thought I’d use that time I spent in bed working on my laptop and my little blog. I’m happy with the way it came out! I still have tweaking to do to the design and elements to add here and there (so bear with me), but overall it’s complete and I can move on now since that itch has been scratched. Ahhhh. Nice to check something off of my to-do list! :)

Speaking of being sick, yep … my Project Life Tuesday is going to be a wee late this week. I’ll still have the post up for you all tomorrow so I can see your beautiful work, but unfortunately mine is nowhere near ready for tomorrow. I don’t even have photo paper to print out the rest of my photos. Whoops. That’s how life is though – I have been taking notes during the week, have photos taken – just need to get it altogether. Also, both of my sweet kiddos have the cold so things around the home front have been a tad crazy and definitely not on schedule.

Thanks so much for understanding! I promised myself that I would not allow myself to get stressed out if life gets in the way a bit and I get a little behind. That’s only natural and so I’m just going with it, but keeping you all updated, too. I love sharing my pages and seeing all of the awesome inspiration you guys link up, too! So thank you for doing it every week even when I’m late! Ha! ;)

Oh, and speaking of the awesome Project Life – have you all seen the new video Becky has up about the new products coming in July? Um, I need multiple of each of those. LOL! You can check out the video HERE. I am SO going to go back through the oodles and oodles of photos I printed out from last year and do it all Project Life style. Who says you can’t go backwards, right? Ha! 

  • Also, wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the last day to get 10% off of your order at my new Etsy shop Baby Bird & Bub Bub! Just use the code BABYBIRD when you check out! Yay! :) Having so much fun with it! We’re almost to 200 likes on Facebook too and once we get there I’m doing a giveaway! Be sure to check it out and like it HERE!

Okie dokie, off of here I go! Gotta finish up this master closet clean out that I started this morning! ;)

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    • Kristina says:

      Hi Marie! Thank you! The slideshow is a cool add-on that we are offering as part of these new awesome blog design templates at June Lily (www.junelily.com). They’re for WordPress. Isn’t it awesome? LOVE it!


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