Project Life: Week 11

Yay! It’s Project Life Tuesday again! Boy, that week sure when by fast! Ha! I hope you all are doing so great and still enjoying the PL process! I know I am! I actually look forward to printing out my pictures, tucking away little pieces and writing down the journaling for the week! It’s so refreshing, don’t ya think?

This past week was a lot like weeks past! Ha! Lots of photos, some journaling, a touch of the Clementine Core Kit, some digital elements and an extra insert with goodies.

Here’s a closer look at everything:

On this page I have photos of: Caylin & Jack in the car (Jack was fast asleep), Caylin’s cool fort we made in the living room, Jack and Buzz Lightyear – he was dancing with him, ha!, our sweet butterflies that we watched go from caterpillars to butterflies, Jack and Michael napping on a lazy afternoon and the most beautiful rainbow I’ve EVER seen. I also used a card from the Clementine Core Kit and a freebie card that I got HERE. LOVE Miss Tiina’s goodies! I also used the super cool digital freebie that Catherine from Design Editor shared HERE. Catherine is SUPER talented and her Project Life and work in general is some of my most favorite!

On this side there’s of course, more photos! Ha! I was sure to add text directly on some of my photos this time. I’m not sure why I sometimes forget to do that, but it really helps make it even that much easier! I’ve got a photo that shows proof that Jack was there, LOL, also a little drawing that Caylin made for her Daddy on his birthday is glued onto one of the freebie cards from Miss Tiina. I thought it was so cute that my husband wanted me to add it to the album for safe keeping. ;) There’s also a photo of both kiddos outside in the backyard, a picture of my daughter’s recent painting masterpieces, a picture of Caylin when she was filling our her Daddy’s birthday card and then sweet Jack in one of his Daddy’s baseball caps. Oh my does he look super cute in one! ;) A bit of journaling, a Clementine Core Kit card and that’s that! ;)

Some other close ups:

Just in case you were wondering – in Caylin’s drawing – you can see she drew a slingshot, the king Pig and an Angry Bird. Ha! She loves Angry Birds. So does her Daddy. ;)

In the middle I have an 8.5×11 page protector that has Michael’s birthday cards in it and then the church bulletin from a new church we’ve been going to and really love.

You can see that Jack really loves Project Life, too! ;)

Well, that’s my week 11 I hope you’ve enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s week! Be sure to link up below so I can check out your lovely work and be inspired! I love how we are sharing our pages and inspiration! I look forward to it all week!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs!! Have a blessed day!

  • Project Life is an awesome system created by Becky Higgins. Read more about it HERE.

Link up below if you’d like! Check out more awesome Project Life inspiration HERE on my friend Jessica’s blog!

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  1. 2


    I love this, K! I really want to start doing this. I think it would help me get back into scrapbooking some more. I’ve missed it!

  2. 6


    Thanks for hosting the link party. I look forward to it each week.

    Everywhere I turn there is angry birds talk. It is such an icon of this period and I have never, ever played.

    Your pages look awesome, as always!

  3. 7


    wonderful spread!! such lovely pictures!! thank you for sharing and for hosting a link up on your blog, it’s so much fun to see what everyone is doing with their PL.

  4. 10


    Wow that is the sweetest Rainbow. We don’t get rainbows here :( I wish we could see one I know my kids would LOVE IT SO. I love seeing Jack enjoying the albums so cute! My kids could also live in the backyard especially now that its Spring oh battle to get them back in :) BUT at least they get their work out & giggles & that is what counts!

  5. 13


    Where do I even begin? :) I am loving how you’ve added the text to the photos-it looks sooo good! And Jack? Umm…when did he become such a little man?! eeep! TOO cute! Love all the fun little bits here. Wish I could sit and page through this album in person-maybe one day! ;) :) Love it all, bestie!

  6. 16

    Kristina says

    I really love your updates! I’ve been thinking of tackling this *next* year ;-) and am wondering where you get your page protectors and what model they are? I’ve never seen them with bigger and smaller slots in our local Staples. Thanks!

  7. 17


    I don’t think I’m ever going to learn to not try to right click to paste my URL in here haha.
    I seriously love your combo of printing on the photos with the hand journaling. You just nail that! And more sweet art from the kids! I can’t wait for the day. You do such beautiful work, Kristina.


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