Project Life Tuesday


Happy Project Life® Tuesday!

Hope your week is going great! Here are my page shares for the day!


Here’s a shot of both pages. This week I used DESIGN A page protectors, a regular 8.5×11 page protector and also a DESIGN H page protector, which you’ll see more in a bit. ;)


Here’s the left side. On this page I used cards from BLUSH and Kiwi and also a 4×6 card from a WE R MEMORY KEEPERS. I’ve of course included my Right Now Challenge card, too.


Close up of some of the page. I just love Caylin’s cute new do! Eeek! The blue epoxy heart is from the July OHDEERME kit from Freckled Fawn. Also, used the Project Life® date stamp.


Here’s another shot. :)


As you know, I love to include things that my children make for me and Caylin is ALWAYS making cute little drawings and asking me to put them in my album and this is another one of them. ;) She used a butterfly sticker and made a butterfly girl out of it. She left it on my desk and it was just too cute not to include. ;)


Love getting shots of my hubby here and there and including them. This is just a random shot I took around Father’s Day when he was pumping gas for me. I just love that man. ;)


Since this week was the week of Father’s Day, I printed out these little cute “ALL ABOUT MY DAD” questionnaires that I found on Pinterest. I asked Caylin and Jack the questions and filled it in for them and then let they draw the picture. I slipped them into the page protector and put it in the album. Love looking back on sweet questionnaires like this. :) Easy to do!


Here’s the back side with Jack’s sheet. :)


Also included this week was the DESIGN H page protector. I had a good amount of photos from Luke’s first time in the pool. As you can see he was NOT a fan of the cold pool water, but I just love how sweet and simple this insert turned out. This is the front.


Here’s the back of the insert. :) That bottom photo is a favorite of mine. Sigh. Another epoxy heart from Freckled Fawn.


Here’s the right side.


I had this sweet little scrapbook card from Chic Tags and it said, EVERYDAY HAPPINESS on it and Caylin wrote after that “You Mommy.” Totally melted my heart and so I just simply stapled it onto this 4×6 card. right-closeup


This 3×4 card is from the Plus One mini kit. Love that kit and love that I caught Luke in the act finally! Ha!


Another sweet drawing I included in this week’s spread. I can’t get enough of her artwork and I just know I will love to look back on these one day! So will she!

Well, that’ll do it for today, friends! I hope you have a beautiful, blessed day! Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and if you don’t follow me on Instagram – you need to! I’m part of a great giveaway that’s going on until the end of the week so find me on IG and follow me and check out that post! My handle is imonehappymama!

Make it a good one! XOXO!


Snuppet: A Review


I really, really, REALLY love smart, clever and cute things. I think that’s why I’m most excited to share with you guys these cute things called “Snuppets.”

Snuppets are eco-friendly, cute snack bag puppets for kids (hence the name – Snuppets – heehee). This snack bag + puppet in one is adorable. I couldn’t help but go “aw!” when it arrived in my mailbox. I’m serious. I mean, how clever, right?

The Snuppet that I was sent to review was the Lion Snuppet and I just love it. The illustration of the puppet is an original illustration by the artist/mommypreneur Janie. Janie is on a mission to reduce the number of plastic baggies that kids use to carry their snacks in their lunches and just around in general, all the while having lots of fun doing so!




Not only are these snack puppets waterproof, but they are also PBA free, lead free and pthalate free, which is important to me and I know a lot of other Mamas out there. I also love how they are made in the USA! Awesome!

There’s a super simple velcro closure that goes along the bottom inside of the pouch that kept my son’s snack secure in the pouch and then when he was done with it he was quickly and easily able to turn it into a puppet! He LOVED it!



I think putting a healthy snack in there would be a great way to get kids to eat something good for them AND a bit faster than normal since they’d want to hurry up and empty it and then play with it! ;) Ha! Way to be sneaky, eh? ;)

There are lots of other cute animals to choose from and the price is great ($10 a snuppet) and even more so since they are reuseable!

I think Janie is onto something!! These are perfect for kids and great for our environment, not to mention SUPER fun!

To find out more about Snuppets and to order some of your own, head on over to the Snuppets website HERE. You can also follow them on Facebook HERE.

  • Disclosure: Snuppets sent us this Snuppet to review free of charge, but all thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog post are solely my own. No other compensation was given. I just love sharing super cute stuff with y’all. :)

Right Now Challenge: Week 29



Happy Friday, friends! Here’s Week 29!

  • Caylin can hula hoop like a pro now! She’s even twirling it on her arm!
  • Jack said, “I won’t get hurt Mama, I’m spider man!” THAT makes me nervous.
  • We went to Bowling Green, Kentucky and ate at Freddy’s for the first time. It was delicious and Jack proclaimed, “these are the best french fries ever!”
  • After reading Jack some of his Bible, I was talking to him about the 10 lepers and how only 1 of them thanked Jesus for healing him. I asked Jack what he thought about that and he said, “That’s not good. They ALL should have thanked Jesus. Tomorrow I am going to thank Jesus, too!” ;)

I hope you all have a beautiful day and weekend ahead! Make it a good one, friends!! XO!

Project Life® Tuesday


Happy Project Life® Tuesday!

I hope you all are having a great week so far! Here are the pages I’m sharing today! Let me know if you have any questions! I’m happy to answer them!

bothHere’s a shot of both sides. DESIGN A page protectors (my go-to) and I used cards from the Kiwi, Strawberry, Seafoam, Kraft, Dear Lizzy and Plus One kits. I also used a 4×6 card (the hearts on the right side- bottom left) from We R Memory Keepers.


A solo shot of the left side. :)


Here’s a little close up for ya! People always ask so the pens I use are the black fine tip Sharpie marker and also the black Sharpie pens. My absolute FAVORITES. :)


The Project Life® date stamp is of course used a lot throughout as well. :) And just like most every week since I bought it – I use the tiny attacher from Tim Holtz. That little staple it puts out is just the cutest and perfect for Project Life®.


Close up of one of the 4×6 cards with a photo and journaling. I love using 4×6 cards, printing out 2×2 photos and then including some journaling. PERFECT.


Here’s the right side shot.


I included “Luke’s Currently” list in this week’s spread. Love to get those in there every year. If you remember – I posted that on my blog a few weeks back. It’s great to take lists or journaling or stories – whatever from your blog and include them in the pages of your album!


Close up. That little tongue. Sigh. ;)


Another close up. :)

There you have it! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you have a beautiful day today and it’s not too hot where you are! We’ve got a nice cool down coming here and I’m SO excited to get out there and not feel that awful heat and humidity! Yay!

Make it a good one! XO!

Your Santa Movie

santa movie

My sweet friend, Lesley Grainger, recently emailed to tell me about a super cute and fun project that her and her husband were working on! I’m happy to say that the project is now ALMOST complete, but needs your help! That’s why they’ve set up a Kickstarter campaign to get the rest of the funds needed to complete their project.

Here’s a bit about their project, “Your Santa Movie” – It is a 30 minute interactive movie custom made for your child that includes Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Henry the Elf as they sing songs, read stories, tell jokes and make crafts while addressing your child by their own name throughout the movie.

So cute and fun! You can check out their kickstarter campaign HERE and you can see what their project is about and how it’s so much better than you average Santa Claus video. If you are able to, I know Lesley and her husband would love for you to help support their project by donating what you can. They have a little over 3 weeks to raise $4,400. Spread the word!

Thanks so much, friends! XO!