Luke: 12 months


(photo template from HERE and onesie sticker from HERE)

I’m a little late posting this, seeing as how Luke just turned 13 months old, but hey – at least it’s recorded – that’s what’s important. Am I right? ;) Here’s what Luke was up to at one year:

  • You were 18 lbs 6 oz at your 12 month appointment. Gotta look up how long you were. I’ll get back to that! ;)
  • Your first food you tried was organic homemade applesauce and you loved it.
  • You are a GREAT eater and will eat just about anything! Such a nice change from your brother and sister who are SUPER picky. ;)
  • You smile SO big and when you make your cheese smile you make this noise and when we hear it – we know you’re smiling BIG. It sounds like, “NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” ;)
  • When you want something you point to it and then point to yourself. You are super smart.
  • You love to “read” books
  • You are super stubborn (still) and getting a bit opinionated already. Uh oh.
  • You walk so great and you are SO fast. It’s like you’re running & that freaks me out seeing as how you like to crash a lot. Sigh.
  • You have these adorable curls on the back of his head. SUPER sweet.
  • You love Jack’s green light saber.
  • You love your Elmo sippy cup and love ice cold water.
  • You’re still breastfeeding like a champ and sleeping great.
  • You still LOVE to dance and when I mean love – I mean that any sound with a beat (even the blender) you will dance to it! ;)
  • You are STILL loved A LOT.


Right Now Challenge : Week 37


It sure has been quiet around here, huh? Sorry about that friends! LOTS going on here and just haven’t had the time or energy to blog much, but hoping to get back on track soon! I’m even late with my Right Now Challenge for today. Whooops. Better late than never though! Gotta keep that streak going! ;)

I’ve only got one thing for today, but it’s something!

  • Jack, “Mama – you know what it feels like to have no jelly toast at breakfast? It feels sad.” Ha! Poor guy! Of course I got some Ezekial bread and jelly for him! ;)

Hope you all have a great weekend! I’m ready for some football and relaxation! Maybe I can get a few blog posts ready to go, too! ;)


Freebie on the Fifth: Free Journaling + Filler cards – Fall Edition


It’s the fifth and so today that means – FREEBIE ON THE FIFTH, time! Yay! Today’s theme is Fall since it’s right around the corner! I was unfortunately super swamped this month and wasn’t able to contribute any designs, but Rebecca and Crystal both created some SUPER cute ones as always! Head on over to Crystal’s blog HERE and Rebecca’s blog HERE (Rebecca’s should be up shortly) to download their designs!

We always have SO much fun creating these to share with you! I hope you love them!

This is the 7th month that we’ve been doing this and so if you’ve missed any of the cards in the past, you can go HERE to find mine and download them and the others!


If you are loving these free cards, we would love it if you would share on Pinterest and your other social media outlets! That would mean so much to us and help us spread the word!

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Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m SO excited Fall is right around the corner. It’s my most favorite time of the year! ;)



If you want to see us continue these freebies in 2015, please take the time to share via Pinterest & your other social connections!  We appreciate your help in spreading the word! – See more at:
If you want to see us continue these freebies in 2015, please take the time to share via Pinterest & your other social connections!  We appreciate your help in spreading the word! – See more at:
If you want to see us continue these freebies in 2015, please take the time to share via Pinterest & your other social connections!  We appreciate your help in spreading the word! – See more at:

Right Now Challenge: Week 36



Happy Friday, friends!

Where did this week go?! Wow – it sent by fast for me! LOTS going on!

I only managed to write down one thing this week, although I know there were a few that I MEANT to write down, but unfortunately didn’t. Ugh. Here it is:

  • When we bought our new car some months back the dealership mailed us this tin of delicious chocolate chip cookies that we all loved, especially Jack. So when we drove by the dealership the other day, Jack said, “We need to go and  buy another car so that we get those delicious cookies again!” LOL! We definitely told him that we’d much rather just go and buy him some cookies. MUCH cheaper! Ha! ;) That kid, I tell ya! SO sweet!

I hope you all have a great Friday and weekend ahead! Make it a good one! XOXO!

Rainbow Pouch


Just wanted to share this super adorable rainbow pouch that I purchased from my friend, Tiffany last week. I actually bought Caylin and I both one. They were just too adorable NOT to. Ha!


They are just so cute and so well made! I’m always ooohing and ahhhhing over everything that Tiffany makes and I was so happy that she made Caylin and I one! If you just HAD to have one of these for yourself or a sweet girl in your life Tiffany can make you one as well for $10 and that includes shipping.

Such a great deal on a cute handmade pouch! Anyway, I just love buying handmade and supporting handmade and so I wanted to pass this along to all of you!

Here are some pictures of one of the pouches that I bought:





You can find Tiffany on Facebook HERE on Instagram HERE and her website is HERE.

Have a beautiful Thursday, everyone! XOXO!