Project Life® Tuesday


Happy Project Life® Tuesday!

I’m honored to have some more Project Life® pages featured over on the Simon Says Stamp blog HERE. Head on over there and check them out since I’m such a slacker and don’t have any other pages ready to share! ;)


Thanks so much! Have a great Tuesday, friends!


Right Now Challenge: Week 34



Happy Friday, friends!

I know it has been SUPER quiet around here this week and it honestly might be a little more quiet than usual for the next little bit because we are moving! We decided to put our house on the market not that long ago (we need a bit more space since we have Luke now) and well – it sold in A DAY. Yep, so we had to house hunt and all of that super fun stuff (not!) and not only that but I’ve been homeschooling my children and doing some graphic design work and trying to stay afloat (I know you know how THAT goes) and so my sweet little blog won’t be updated AS much as usual for the next little bit, but I promise I won’t forget about it and I will pop in from time to time with updates and other goodies! I will be updating my life happenings on my Instagram more so be sure you’re following me there if you aren’t already! You can find the link to my IG account in the right sidebar!

Ok – time for what I’ve written down this week and as you can probably imagine – it’s not much! LOL! Here it goes!

  • Put our house on the market and sold it in ONE day. Craziness.
  • I told Jack to stop talking (I was trying to talk and the boy never stops talking) and he replied, “But that’s what we have mouths for – to talk!” He said something similar to this a few weeks ago, but this cracked me up AGAIN.
  • Luke is now full-force walking (sometimes running). It’s crazy to see his little body just walking around the house. He loves to stick his tongue out when he walks. It’s the most adorable thing!
  • Luke will dance to ANYTHING. I was making a smoothie the other day and he was dancing to the blender sound. I kid you not! Ha!

That’s what I have for today, friends! Thanks for your understanding while this blog is a bit more quiet than usual! Things should be back to normal soon once we get moved and settled into our routine a bit! I will be scheduling some great posts and trying to get some Project Life pages done this weekend to have about a month’s worth to view for the next few Tuesdays!!

You guys have a great day and weekend ahead! Make it a great day!


Jack’s First Day of Preschool


Someone was pretty excited to start his first day of Preschool last week. ;)


Jack wouldn’t sit still for anything,  complained about the sun being in his eyes a bit and insisted on wearing his puppy backpack, but in sweet Jack fashion he was a trooper and indulged this memory keeping, photo snapping Mama of his and I think I came away with some super cute shots for the Project Life® album. ;)


The cute shirt he’s wearing is from one of my most favorite places online, Petite Lemon. I just love their super comfy and cute customized kid clothing and products. I thought this shirt would be perfect to get Jack to wear for his first day of Preschool photo! I mean, how cute is that little pocket with the crayons in it? Ack! Adorable!


I remember bringing this little boy home from the hospital not too long ago and now he’s in preschool? Sigh. I need someone to hold me. I’m not joking. Sending all of you other Mamas out there BIG hugs as you send your little ones (and not-so-little-ones-anymore) off to school.

Just one more reason why I’m glad we homeschool – after this shot I was able to help him inside, take his shoes off, give him a big hug and spend the rest of the day with him, teaching him all sorts of fun, cool stuff.

Now THAT is a great first day of preschool. :)

Right Now Challenge: Week 33



Happy Friday, friends!


Posting this a bit late, but it’s still Friday! :-D

Here’s what I have this week:

  • Jack: “I’m going to be a man because I can see hair on me!!” Ha!
  • Jack: “I can’t be silent because I have a mouth!!” <——– I told him to be quiet. LOL!

That’s it! Jack is a riot! ;) I hope you have a great weekend!


Project Life® Tuesday


Hello sweet blog friends!

Popping in to say that unfortunately I don’t have any pages ready to go for Project Life® Tuesday today! Ugh, I know! SO sorry if you’ve stopped by here to see some, but I promised myself that I need to give myself grace sometimes and this past week has been super busy and today starts 3rd grade and preschool for Caylin and Jack and so it’s time to concentrate and get down to business this week!

Although I don’t have any pages to share, I do have something else that I hope you’ll like!

Some months back I was going through Caylin’s GIGANTIC box of art projects, drawings, mini masterpiees, love notes, etc. that I have collected through the years. If you know me – you know that I HATE clutter and hate hanging on to a bunch of paper, etc. THIS box of papers though are super special to me and I just can’t chuck them, ya know? I was searching around to find some alternative things that I could do with them and be able to incorporate them into my Project Life® albums.

I saw some really cute ideas, including THIS one and THIS one. Then I also saw THIS really awesome template that my friend, Rebecca, created. I just knew that it would be a perfect way to get a bunch of my daughter’s artwork through the years onto one manageable sheet that I could easily slip into a page protector and that’s exactly what I did!


I took a bunch of Caylin’s artwork that I had been saving, scanned them (you could easily just take a photo of each of them if you don’t have a scanner) and then dragged and dropped the photos into the template that Rebecca created. SUPER simple! Once I was done with that, I just added the “CAYLIN’S ARTWORK” below and printed it out!




I’m going to do a couple more of these to get all of the artwork in to her Project Life® album and then I’ll be up-to-date and will always have these special little pieces of artwork without all of the bulk and mess that the big box of papers created! Yay!


My friend, Rebecca of Simple As That has sweetly offered to give away THREE sets of these templates to three of my readers! All you have to do is leave a comment below letting me know if you have big stacks of kid art lying around, too! Tell me I wasn’t alone! Ha!

Have a great Tuesday, friends! Hoping to be back next week with pages to share! I’m working on them!! ;)

Make it a good one! XOXO!